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10 Non-Birkin Bags from Hermès That Are Worth the Splurge

10 Non-Birkin Bags from Hermès That Are Worth the Splurge
Here are 10 stylish, under-the-radar designs for people who don't want a Birkin.

The Hermès Birkin is possibly the most coveted luxury bag of all. Known for its tremendous price tag, the Birkin boasts supreme quality, and is also highly regarded as a good investment piece as its resale price rarely dips. They come in a variety of tough skins that age beautifully, including ostrich, goat, calf, crocodile, lizard, and bull. With proper care, even a 70-year-old Birkin bag can look brand new. 

There is a lot of earned praise directed toward the Birkin, but at the end of the day, Hermès as a whole is a reputable brand and you can ensure that all their products are top grade. If you're looking to own a bag from Hermès but are not yet interested in investing in a Birkin, you certainly have plenty of options. Here, we've listed ten bags from them that are worth the splurge. Take a look: 

10 Non-Birkin Hermès Bags to Buy

1. Hermès Trim Duo 

This petite bag is made of Evercolor, a firm, matte leather commonly used by the brand in crafting smaller items. Since Birkins are quite large, the Trim Duo might be a good pick if you are looking for a more compact bag that you can wear daily. The golden tan hue is also extremely popular, as it is versatile without being flat or bland at all.


Trim Duo 24 bag in Gold, $5,300, (approximately P253,965), HERMÈS

2. Hermès Faco II Clutch

The vibrant Faco II Clutch has a desirable and trendy shape that's not as mature as the other silhouettes associated with the brand. However, the envelope-shaped flap folds into a leather band that is distinctly Hermès, as it resembles the fold-in band that the Kelly is known for. It is made of Mysore, a very lightweight and scratch-resistant skin.


Faco II Clutch in Orange Poppy, $5,850, (approximately P280,320), HERMÈS

3. Hermès Constance 

The Constance is described as a solidly urban bag with a hint of sportiness, which seems accurate. The boxy, clean silhouette makes it a wear-anywhere bag. This shape comes in a dizzying variety of skins and colors, ranging from the neutral, (matte whites, blacks, and tans), to the bold, (lavender Swarovskis, violet alligator, and buttery emerald).

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Constance 24 Beton with Rose Gold Hardware, 87,500 HKD, (approximately P540,052), HERMÈS

4. Hermès Kelly

Consider the Kelly a younger sister to the Birkin. It features a discreet and ever-elegant flap detail, and a dainty arched handle. You will find a Kelly that is perfect for you, as it also comes in a stunning array of colors, including youthful pastel shades with a matte finish.


Black Kelly II 35 Sellier, 15,000 CHF, (approximately P800,398), HERMÈS

5. Hermès Haut à Courroies

If you are into travelling, this is the perfect Hermès bag for you to invest in. It runs big, with some units measuring 50cm–truly an ideal size for holding all your travel essentials. The Haut à Courroies is one of Hermès' oldest designs, and was originally used by equestrians for carrying their saddles and boots. It resembles the Birkin, but was built to be more roomy and flexible. 


Haut à Courroies weekend bag in brown ostrich leather, $16,760, (approximately P803,105), HERMÈS

6. Hermès Jypsiere

A sister of the Kelly, the minimalist Jypsiere is a functional messenger bag that bears the distinctive Hermès lock. Thanks to its adjustable strap, it can be worn both as a shoulder bag and a crossbody bag. It also comes in a variety of leathers, but this particular unit is made of Swift, a soft and nearly reflective leather.


Jypsiere 28 cm messenger bag in white togo leather, £3,760, HERMÈS


7. Hermès Verrou Chaine 

Lovers of chain mini bags will appreciate the Verrou Chaine, a geometric little bag with a heavy-duty latch closure and asymmetrical flap. The silver hardware creates a strong contrast with the candy-hued leather. If pink does not suit your tastes, you still have plenty of colors to choose from, including black, grey, blue, taupe, and orange, among others.


Verrou Chaine Bag in Pink, $8,000, (approximately P383,343), HERMÈS

8. Hermès Bolide

 The Bolide bag has a rounder shape, and is made of Clemence leather, which is a soft, totally water-resistant leather that's a bit more heavyweight than the other skins. It also has a removable strap for ease.


Bolide 31 bag in Rouge De Cœur, $8,400, (approximately P402,510), HERMÈS

9. Hermès Etriviere

As it turns out, Hermès does offer some sporty pieces with graphic motif. The Etriviere is casual jacquard bag with an abstract design and knitted hem. This a youthful statement piece that you can wear with the most laidback outfits.


Etriviere shoulder MM dynamo bag, $2,650, (approximately P126,982), HERMÈS 

10. Hermès Herbag Zip

The Herbag Zip is a tandem of canvas and cowhide, and features a lovely bridge-shaped handle in tan leather. Here, the signature Hermès latch is traded in for a button, making for a lightweight and stripped-down look.


Herbag Zip retourne cabine 50 bag in Écru/Beige/Naturel, $3,725, (approximately P178,494), HERMÈS

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