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7 Best Loewe Bags That Are Worth Investing In

7 Best Loewe Bags That Are Worth Investing In
Looking for leather bags that will last a lifetime?

Let’s face it: Oftentimes, when one thinks of designer handbags, the trinity of Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton quickly comes to mind. However, the more discerning fashion enthusiasts out there know that there’s a plethora of other brands to choose from. Among these go-to brands is Loewe.

A Spanish luxury brand founded in 1846, Loewe (pronounced loh-wev-eh) specializes in the leather craftsmanship of accessories, clothes, and of course, handbags. For over 175 years, the brand has not only taken pride in its leather heritage but furthered its craftsmanship through constant innovation, allowing it to remain a top contender in the world of fashion. 

Is Loewe a good brand?

Off the bat, if its age is any indication, then yes, Loewe is a good brand. Its century-old story is indicative of the house’s talent in crafting high quality leather goods with enduring appeal. In other words, you can always trust Loewe because you get timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. (Fun fact: Loewe is LVMH’s oldest fashion house.)

Where are Loewe bags made?

Like most luxury brands, Loewe continues to be made in its birthplace, Spain. Its products are manufactured in Barcelona and Getafe, but the design team has been based in Paris since 2014, under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson.

What are the best Loewe bags?

1. Puzzle Bag

If you’re looking for a modern leather handbag


Mini Puzzle Bag in classic calfskin, P109,900, LOEWE,

Inarguably the most recognizable and iconic bag from Loewe, the Puzzle bag was launched in 2014 as part of Jonathan Anderson’s debut as creative director. It quickly reached It Bag status, as seen on the arms of fashion fans everywhere. How can it not when it’s almost like a wearable work of art? Precisely cut geometric pieces of leather are molded to form a buttery soft cuboid shape that’s languid and edgy at the same timeso breathtaking!  

2. Flamenco

If you’re looking for an all-around bag


Flamenco Clutch in nappa calfskin, P125,600, LOEWE,

If the Puzzle bag is what embodies the brand’s dynamism, then perhaps the equally distinctive Flamenco design represents the brand’s sophisticated ease. Crafted in nappa skin which had only been used for Loewe’s clothes in years past, the Flamenco is a voluminous clutch with subtle ruching reminiscent of a flamenco dancer’s dress. So simple yet so elegant, this versatile piece is accentuated by a sailor’s knot for a touch of playfulness. 

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3. Hammock

If you’re looking for a functional bag 


Small Hammock bag in pebble grain calfskin, P145,200, LOEWE,

Sure, most popular leather handbags feature that classic trapeze shape, but leave it Loewe to reinvent a good old classic. At first, the Hammock seems like an ordinary top handle bag, but the side panels actually open up to create a larger, winged structure. Featuring zip pockets and internal compartments, the Hammock is great for those who carry a lot of stuffor for those who simply love the inexplicable allure of a well made bag. Wear it crossbody, on your shoulder, or as a handbag, if you please.

4. Balloon

If you’re looking for an everyday bag


Balloon bag in nappa calfskin, P176,600, LOEWE,

By now, you should get the feel of Loewe’s design philosophy: keep it clean and elegant, but never boring. Perhaps the piece that best espouses that is the Balloon bag. A relatively new piece which debuted on the Spring 2020 runway, the Balloon may seem like a regular bucket bag but look closely and you’ll catch the fine details: beautifully crafted leather, knotted drawstring, and the embossed Loewe anagram found at the bottom of the purse. Available in a range of colors and sizes (there’s even one with jacquard!), think of the Balloon bag as the ultimate grown-up bucket bag.

5. Gate

If you’re looking for a handy crossbody bag


Mini Gate Bag in soft grained calfskin, P82,400, LOEWE,

Sometimes, it’s the smaller pieces that are incredibly breathtaking. Well, Loewe’s Gate bag gives just that effect. Although a regular crossbody with a half moon shape, the Gate bag stands out with its saddle-stitched strap and knotted belt where the front flap can be tucked under. True to Loewe’s pared back style, nothing but fine leather and an intriguing side-latched metal pin serve as its embellishment. For those love function as much as form, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s got a few compartments inside and out, too.

6. Amazona

If you’re looking for a versatile work bag


Amazona 28 bag in classic calfskin, P145,200,

Born in the 1980s just like the Flamenco bag, the Amazona will always be one of the house’s enduring icons. Sure, Loewe’s bags usually have curved shapes and graceful bends, but the brand can still pull off a powerful, structured bag with the same quiet elegance. Case in point: The Amazona, a solid rectangular-shaped top handle bag, features curved edges, gold hardware, unmistakably supple leather, and suede lining.


7. Woven Basket 

If you’re looking for a playful tote


Small Surplus Leather Woven basket bag in calfskin, P133,500, LOEWE, 

Aside from its leather bags, Loewe is also known for its Basket bag, typically made from raffia and leathera favorite amongst style mavens during the summer. However, there is one version that might steal the spotlight soon. The Woven Basket bag isn’t anything new but this 2021, Loewe updated it by putting sustainability in the forefront. The new iteration uses surplus leather pieces in different colors for a mosaic effect.

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