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Best Fitting Rooms in Manila to Play Dress-Up In

Fit for a Fashion Queen.
Best Fitting Rooms in Manila to Play Dress-Up In Fit for a Fashion Queen.

Perusing through different garments and trying them on never fail to evoke a childlike sense of wonder and astonishment even in grown women. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with donning new clothes and feeling the different textures of the fabric touch against your skin. It begins with the spectrum of bright colors of the pieces lined together so perfectly and ends with seeing your transformed reflection in the mirror. Playing dress up was meant to be a pleasurable experience. To guarantee that it will always be the case, we’ve culled the best fitting rooms in Manila for your fashionable enjoyment. Good lighting, air conditioning, ample space, and seating guaranteed. 

1. Univers, One Rockwell East Tower


The creative geniuses and fashion saviors behind Homme et Femme are responsible for the hub of all things aesthetic, Univers. Not only does it top our list in terms of luxury goods, but also in the realm of choice dressing rooms. The vast space lined with gray suede walls and floors allows you to change into various outfits comfortably and with ease. Instead of having to cramp all the pieces you want to wear on tiny hooks, it has an entire steel rack at the ready. And in case you need a second opinion (or third), there are chairs and a small coffee table for your panel of fashion critics. Thanks to the high-ceiling, floor length windows, and mirrors on each side, you can also get the best view of your ensemble. 

2. Adora, Greenbelt 5

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Velvet fabric qualifies as the universal symbol of luxury. Fortunately, Adora’s fitting rooms happen to be lined with the luxury textile in hues of azure, royal purple, and gold. The mere thought of trying on piles of clothes is enough to feel like a princess. But it is the interiors of this space will make you a queen. The fluorescent lighting abound in the area also helps you scrutinize your outfit’s details better and guarantee you leave with the right purchase. The disaster of missing beads, a pearl out of sight, or loose threads, will be undoubtedly averted. 

3. Religioso, Greenbelt 5


It’s impossible not to feel like a Broadway star with the center stage, single spotlight, and heavy lavender tulle curtains in this dressing room. The sides of the space are lined with racks and hooks, encouraging you to take as many costume changes as you wish. The bright lighting and taupe-shelled stools are given requisites for a topnotch fitting room. But it’s the elevated platform that makes it exceptional. Not only does it allow you to put your outfit on a pedestal (both literally and figuratively), but can also prove to be helpful when you take a full-body selfie! 

4. Ralph Lauren, Greenbelt 3


Others envision a full-day tour around Milan or a series of underwater adventures for their vacation, but some of us prefer to stay in and lounge around a luxe hotel or a villa in the Hamptons. While our flights are being booked, the fitting room of Ralph Lauren makes itself available. Its ecru walls, soft lighting, and black and white paintings take us on sabbatical. And to complete the R and R amenities, it also has a ritzy white robe embroidered with the brand’s monogram, and a chair with plush cushions to match. 


5. LCP, MDI Corporate Center

LCP is the paradise every girl dreams of. From its art-deco fixtures, to the marble floors, touches of gold and pink, and a commendable stack of coffee table books around, it’s enough to make you forget Carrie Bradshaw ever had a walk-in closet. Of course, its dressing room doesn’t disappoint either. Its reflective object of choice is a three-panel mirror lined in gold that evokes both luxury and an understated vintage feel.


Each space also has a pair of nude pumps to help you get a better grasp of your semi-formal LCP haul. What sets this fashion utopia apart is its brand of service, complete with free chocolate chip cookies and tequila. Dressing up is many things. Apparently, it can also be a party.


6. Rustan’s, Shangri-la Plaza

Rustan’s presents itself at the forefront of fashion girl comfort with its palatial restroom and now its posh fitting room. The space is brushed with a woolly ochre carpet and furnished with a luxe chair, making it a comfortable setting for anyone trying on clothes. It also has a full-length backlit mirror, which has the perfect lighting to give justice to the colors of your wardrobe. And as you leave the room, a large ornamental mirror bids you adieu so that you could get a last minute look before heading to the cashier. 


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