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Mano Lotho and Daryl Chang Are a Streetstyle Savvy Husband and Wife

They're an effortlessly best dressed pair!
Mano Lotho and Daryl Chang Are a Streetstyle Savvy Husband and Wife
IMAGE Charisma Lico
They're an effortlessly best dressed pair!

A couple with an exquisite sartorial taste, Daryl Chang and Mano Lotho exude an intimidating aura earned from a quiet confidence that can only come from knowing exactly what they want, both together and as individuals. Patrons of designer brands like Balenciaga, Stussy, and Comme des Garçons, they share a refined taste characterized by their effortless personal styles.

They shop together as much as possible; they frequent the same brands, find themselves inclined towards the same color palette, and prize each other's expression of individuality. Where Daryl has a knack for more tailored pieces, Mano, on the other hand, often finds himself in more laid-back pairings. "A lot of people are stuck defining their style by what they’re not. I think it’s important to care a little less and just have fun with it," Daryl explains.

Below, we find out more about their signature looks, what they'd love to steal from each other's closet, and the one outfit they wouldn't mind wearing for the rest of their lives.

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PHOTO BY Charisma Lico

Daryl wears an Ellery dress, Spanx bike shorts, Neous slides, and a Loewe bag. Mano wears a Y-3 button-down shirt, Acronym pants, Balenciaga jacket, and Nike X Acronym Air Force 1 sneakers.

How long have you known each other? How did you guys meet?

Daryl: "We’ve been together for 10 years, married for two." 

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Mano: "We met in Embassy back when BGC was still mostly parking lots." 

Why do you think the other was chosen to be a part of the best dressed list?

D: "Because I don’t think there’s anyone else cooler than my husband. Haha!" 

M: "She hasn’t been included in the past 10 years only because Preview staff can’t be nominated. Also, because for me, she is the most stylish in the country, the whole of Southeast Asia even. Hashtag not a paid ad."

What do you like most about how your partner dresses?

D: "That he chooses off-beat pairings, buys secret brands, [and] he’s not afraid to wear color…I could go on but he’ll assume I like him too much. [Laughs]"

M: "That deep inside, I know she’s a closet hypebeast. [Laughs]

PHOTO BY Charisma Lico

 On Daryl: Victoria Beckham top, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini trousers, and Balenciaga sneakers. On Mano: Off-White sweater, Fred Perry X Stussy track pants, and Nike Techno MK2 sneakers.

If you were to scroll through each other's Instagram feed, what style tip/s would you pick up?

D: "Mano rarely posts OOTDs! Haha! Food tips, though—that’s a different story." 

M: "White footwear is greater than everything." 

What does your partner’s signature look tell you about her/him?

D: "That he’s super chill." 

M: "That she likes to be different."

If you could steal one thing from each other’s closet, what would it be and why?

D: "An Alber Elbaz era Lanvin suit jacket. Lanvin as a brand post-Elbaz did not really regain its fashion influence. In fact, Cathy Horyn, one of my favorite fashion critics, tweeted 'Don’t look back, Alber' after the Fall 2016 Lanvin show (the first after Alber Elbaz’s departure). A suit, of course, will always be a classic, but a piece of clothing with fashion history will always be better."


M: "Daryl’s Nike x Off-White blazer. It is impossible to get."

PHOTO BY Charisma Lico

On Daryl: Balenciaga T-shirt, Balenciaga trousers, Courrèges suit jacket, and Marni heels. On Mano: Comme des Garçons top, Ganryu trousers, and Nike X Acronym Air Force 1 sneakers.

In what way are your styles different? In what way are they the same?

D: "I could differentiate it in terms of street style by city, I’m more Copenhagen while Mano is more Tokyo. [Our styles are] the same because we like the same brands, and we also lean towards the same color palette: a lot of warm tones and blacks."


M: "Daryl’s very into tailored things, while I’ve got maybe three button-down shirts. Our Venn diagram covers a couple of mutually liked labels: Balenciaga, Stussy, Comme des Garçons, to name a few. I think we’re just different sides of the same coin."

Do you shop for each other? What's the most memorable thing you’ve given each other?

D: "Mano and I usually shop together because we prefer having the other’s opinion and doing it when we’re on vacation. I do shop for him in the rare times that I’m out of the country alone. Traveling to new countries is our gratification. A lot of our trips have either been surprise tickets from Mano or surprise tickets from me, so I would say all countries that we’ve traveled together to are exceptional memories."

M: "Yes, when I’m shopping for presents. Special occasions are always a challenge, but Daryl is not very subtle with her hints. Haha! I would like to think that I get it right every time. As for the most memorable thing, her engagement ring that I personally designed and almost lost (but luckily found) in Barcelona." 

PHOTO BY Charisma Lico

On Daryl: Tibi suit jacket and trousers, Cos dress, and Reike Nen slingbacks. On Mano: Uniqlo U suit jacket, Uniqlo U trousers, Stussy T-shirt, New Balance X Stussy 990V4 sneakers.

If your partner could only wear one outfit for the rest of their life, what do you think they'd choose? 

M: "I imagine that if Daryl could, it’d be her all black 'I’ve got a shoot today' look."


D: "It’ll prolly be a T-shirt, big pants, and basketball shoes—he lives in these already as it is."

What's the one piece of fashion advice you want to give each other?

D: "Don’t hesitate, just buy. Haha!"

M: "Never say never."

What do you enjoy most about fashion?

M: "A lot of people are stuck defining their style by what they’re not. I think it’s important to care a little less and just have fun with it." 

D: "Everything! How fashion can be an extension of yourself and how it can be individuality—automatically perceived in the way that you dress. And how it’s constantly changing, how it’s constantly new." 

Produced by The Preview Team

Art Direction by Mark Buenaobra

Photographed by Charisma Lico

Makeup by Omar Ermita

Hair by Jan Edrosalan (Daryl) and Mycke Arcano (Mano)

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