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11 Crowd-screamer Moments At The Naked Truth

11 Crowd-screamer Moments At The Naked Truth These are the highlights that made the show epic.

Updated 9/23/14, 4:16pm; Editors’ note: A photo has been deleted

Skin, skin, and even more skin. Here are the ten jaw-dropping moments at Bench's denim and underwear show that got us talking, tweeting, and Instagramming like it was Fashion Week (and trust us, that doesn't happen very often). Scroll down and find out what everyone's talking about after the curtain call of #TheNakedTruth.

1. Enchong Dee can be an acrobat

He climbed that steal pole effortlessly that it gave the 7doigts acrobatic crew a run for their money.


2. Kim Chiu showing us yet again how uber flexible she is

She did not walk, but she did break a few bones, or at least exercised her flexibility on top of a moving platform before she stripped off her white body corset.

3. Jake Cuenca and his behind

Jake Cuenca's legendary butt exposure is apparently a crowd favorite and a sealed tradition every Bench denim and underwear show. Although this year, he tried his hand at the trapeze and even did a couple of pull-ups.

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4. Coco Martin and his "Pet"

Channelling an S&M moment with one of the female contortionists, Coco came out on the runway fully clothed, but with a woman on a leash tagging along with him. The surprise was what they did at the end of the catwalk. 

5. Then there was Geena Rocero

The Filipino transgender Ted Talks sensation graced the runway with finesse and confidence. It was a proud LGBT moment.


6. I Kissed A Girl
Two girls from 7doigts lip locked during the #TomDen segment as a form of comic relief.

7. #KathNielAtTheNakedTruth

Probably the most wholesome (or the only wholesome) moment during The Naked Truth was when Daniel Padilla surprised Kathryn Bernardo with a rose after his handkerchief magic trick. And since they're young, an age-appropriate hug was apt rather than a kiss. Aww.

8. Sarah and Richard make out, TWICE

Speaking of sensual and risqué, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati were not shy to show some PDA and made out twice on stage! Good thing the show was past baby Zion's bedtime.

9. Marian is flawless

She does not post any workout selfies, but the bride-to-be still has one of the best bods during The Naked Truth. Also, the highlight of her walk was when one of the acrobats flipped into a hula-hoop she was holding up high.


10. TomDen almost kiss

Hands down, everyone in MOA Arena (including Ben Chan, by the way) was incomprehensible when Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez met at the center of the stage and sized each other up; their faces only centimeters apart. The #kilig factor was REAL.

BONUS: Paulo kisses Solenn

Gasp! Yes, it did happen. And no, they are not dating each other. Fast, swift, staged or not, Paulo did take Solenn's lips by surprise and kissed her during their time on the runway together. Meanwhile, we spotted Solenn's boyfriend a few rows away (jokingly) mocking Paulo. What a sport.

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