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Bea Samson Explores Her Sartorial Side

And it's tailored perfection!
Bea Samson Explores Her Sartorial Side And it's tailored perfection!

PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) almuna Bea Samson is a perfectionist. For her PEFTA collection back in 2013, Bea explored digital fabric printing on oversized cocoon-like silhouettes, a technique, if ever executed poorly would've been more craft-like than couture. Then for her Fall/Winter collection for Manila Fashion Fest in 2015, Bea ventured into the use of tough tweed and incorporating abstract faux fur patches unto dresses—again, if constructed haphazardly, would have ended up puckered and patchy. But Bea isn't a fan of half-baked workmanship.


IMAGE Deneb Villanueva

The five-piece collection she showed at the Philippine Fashion Ball 2016 was no exception to this rule with Bea admitting to us that she's been wanting to do tailoring for sometime now but wanted to make sure she did it right. "I took an additional course on bespoke tailoring at Slim's. I've been wanting to do women's and men's clothes with a touch of tailoring, so finally after taking  that class I was able to do it." Bea explains, not that this young designer isn't well versed in the workroom already. The result was a more concise edit from the original ten looks she started her design process with that included some menswear pieces. This women's collection was all about cinched waists, corsets, and crisp coats and jackets. "I'm really into a lot of visual lines like tartan or the Prince of Wales print." 

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But Bea didn't forget her love for soft feminine fabrics: A pleated tulle petticoat peeked from beneath a tartan midi dress, while she chose to style a soft white and seemingly smocked dress alone without a coat or corset.

"It's a good opportunity for us younger ones to get exposed to the crowd and audience that we really want to target. It's been a dream of mine to work with Noel Manapat, and now it's finally happening!" says Bea about the idea of bringing four young designers together for the Philippine Fashion Ball. She also recalls Noel telling her to create pieces that would best showcase her work. Although we're sure Bea's best is yet to come.

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