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Be An Eleven In A City Full Of Sevens

Here's how you can stand out.
Be An Eleven In A City Full Of Sevens Here's how you can stand out.

In a world dominated by social media, the times are changing and the me-llenials are getting more and more dynamic, sometimes it's hard to keep up. Hate to break it you, but it’s the truth. We are all in a way guilty of portraying what we deem to be a “perfect life” by editing out the flaws that make us humans—these days, it’s that easy. Thing is, no one is perfect, and no matter how much one tries to be that faultless being, at the end of the day there is no real happiness in that. Today, we want you to get past the superficiality by learning to embrace the little things in life worth doing. You know what they say, live a little. 


SMILE! It only takes a few muscles to smile, yet sometimes people forget its importance. When you wake up in the morning, smile. You may look stupid but who cares? A day that begins with a wide grin is the best way to start the daily grind. Oh, and if you're already smiling, there's nothing wrong with laughing off a few nerves as well. 


Eat breakfast, eat bacon, eat chocolates, eat ice cream. It has been proven by studies that people are happier when they eat. Being healthy doesn't mean you need to deprive yourself of the good stuff. That's why cheat days were invented in the first place. Allow yourself to indulge every once in a while because not eating may give you that body you want, but if it makes you uptight and sad, then it's clearly not worth it.


Exercise is good for you so make time for it. Yes, it's hard to squeeze it in a hectic schedule, but at least an hour or two in a week can go a long way. Know that keeping fit is not always about just losing weight. Living an active lifestyle is an essential because not only will it give you more energy, but it will also keep you young, and healthy, and happy. Yes happy, because it is a good source of endorphins that can fight the stress away. 



Learning shouldn't have to end in school. Our mind has the capacity to keep on storing more and more knowledge for the rest of our lives so do not put it to waste. Go watch your favorite series, and double-tap away on Instagram, but insert a good book into your routine. There is so much to learn out there, and they're just waiting for you. 


Travel for the right reasons. If you want to travel just so you'll have something new and impressive to post on your social media, then that's just plain sad. Travel to bond with family and friends, but more importantly, travel to gain knowledge about foreign places and people. Devour the rich history and culture a place you've never been to can offer you. 


Dance like no one's watching, sing your heart out, wear heels, dye your hair red. Let loose and do something that feels right even if you're scared as hell to do it. Trust us, the feeling you'll get after is so intoxicating, you might even get addicted to it. 


Paint, study calligraphy, go surfing, wear red lipstick, do something that you've never done before. These new life experiences, no matter how small they are, are what make life exciting. 


We've all heard it so many times before, do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. If you feel it in your gut and your heart that you're not meant to be where you are right now, then quit. You're just wasting precious time you could've spent doing something you're mad about. Find something you're passionate about and make money out of it, now!


We don't just mean having a boyfriend. Just because you're afraid to get hurt doesn't mean you need to go all Cruella or Ursula on every person you meet. Let loose and open your heart, don't be afraid to let people in. You wouldn't want to grow old alone, right?



Greet the guard good morning, say thank you to your yaya, help out a colleague without asking for something in return, and yes kill that person who hates you with kindness. It doesn't always have to be about grand acts like donating to charity or helping the poor, because sometimes these small gestures matter more. Be nice and the universe will find a way to give it back. 


We gave you a list of instant confidence-boosters, but if you really want to stand out and walk on the streets without a care in the world about what other people think, then keep in mind all of the notes above. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, dress up for yourself and not for anyone else, and don't let bad vibes get to you. You may not be perfect, but at least you know that you're happy. That's exactly how you separate yourself from all the average females in the world.