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QUIZ: Which Barretto Sister Is Your Style Match?

QUIZ: Which Barretto Sister Is Your Style Match?
IMAGE INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia
Find out if you're Julia or Claudia!

Sisters Julia Barretto and Claudia Barretto may be related by blood, but they have distinctly different style codes in their DNA. Just in case you were wondering which Barretto sister you closely identify with, we've come up with this fun little quiz so you can find out. Ready? Let's begin! 

1. It's a "running errands" kind of day. What's your go-to casual outfit? 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Just a day dress and sandals. I'll throw in my fave designer bag, too!

B: A cool tee, jeans, and slick boots. I'll keep my baggy pullover handy just in case! 

2. You finally took some time off for a vacation! What does your travel OOTD look like?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Any flowy dress! I'll pair it with my dainty necklaces, gold jewelry, and a summery crossbody bag.

B: A neutral-colored top, trousers, and a structured cover-up to complete the look. Did I mention black boots?

3. OMG! You might bump into your ex at this event. This calls for a power outfit. Name your sartorial weapons! 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: I'd wear belted trousers with a hot-red camisole for a major head-turning moment. Will wear my hair up in the tightest, highest ponytail like Ariana Grande so I can whip it in his face if necessary. 

B: One word for 'ya: PANTSUIT. A dramatic all-black one should make a grand entrance, but a printed one is even better. Will paint my lips red so he can easily see my IDGAF pout. 

4. You've got a fancy ball to attend. Which vibe is more you?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia
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A: Feminine, simple, elegant. 

B: Sexy, vampy, sophisticated. 

5. Last-minute plans with the girls! What do you throw on?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: A puff-sleeved blouse. So romantic!

B: A silk top I could easily layer with my denim jacket. 

6. How would you style a bold red outfit?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: A sleek slip dress paired with kitten heels for a flirty look. 

B: Something edgy like monochromatic denim for a hip vibe.

7. Pick a lazy mood.  

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Coffee. Loungewear. Slow mornings.

B: Don't bother me. I'm stalking someone on IG.

8. How do you like your nudes?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Nice and easy. Send me camisoles, linen trousers, and day dresses.

B: Fun and edgy. Send me ribbed tank tops, oversized tees, and cargo pants. 

9. Where do you usually take mirror selfies?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Just at home. I always capture my OOTD before leaving!  

B: At the store when I'm shopping for new kicks and I casually want to flex my OOTD.

10. Makeup time! What kind of look do you usually go for?

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM @juliabarretto @claudia

A: Just something natural. I like looking dewy and sunkissed! 

B: Something playful with a pop of color. I'm all for a dramatic eye! 


If you answered mostly AsYou're Julia! Your style is characterized by feminine sensibilities and you're all for the romanticism trend. Currently, you're obsessed with dainty jewelry, slip dresses, and fresh neutral-hued separates. You're basically that eternal summer girl who thrives by the beach! How many times have you been to Bali?  

If you answered mostly Bs: You're Claudia! Your wardrobe is dominated by cool streetwear pieces like baggy trousers, cargo pants, and oversized tees. As a sneakerhead, you're always on the lookout for the latest drops. Because of your street cred, you're naturally the "cool girl" of the bunch. What's that you're listening to on your AirPods right now? 

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