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Balenciaga Is Trying to Make USB Cable Hair-Ties Happen

Questions, questions.
Balenciaga Is Trying to Make USB Cable Hair-Ties Happen
IMAGE Balenciaga
Questions, questions.

Ushering in the impending apocalypse was Balenciaga's ominous, water-flooded Fall 2020 runway, which had us thinking: If the end of the world is inevitable and panic-hoarding daily necessities becomes the norm, the last thing you'll have time to think about is accessorizing. So, remember those old, dingy iPhone charging wires you always have lying around (because a) they break every five minutes, and b) doomsday has rendered all technology obsolete)? Use them to tie up your mane.


We said what we said. Style-wise, to be completely honest, the telltale white cord pops against any hair color, and that metallic chrome USB bit promises your simplest, most haphazard grocery-going ponytail a sleek, modern, devilishly nonchalant touch.

PHOTO BY Balenciaga

We're into it. It's sustainable, toonever mourn the loss of another non-biodegradable cable ever again. Now time to master tying it on, like so.

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