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Handbag designer Paul Herrera featured in Handbag Designers 101.
Bagging It Handbag designer Paul Herrera featured in Handbag Designers 101.

Joining the ranks of internationally recognized Filipino bag designers is Paul Herrera, one half of the Herrera twins, who are both designers. He was recently featured as “Designer of the Day” in Handbag Designer 101, an online handbag designer resource that features up-and-coming independent bag designers from all over the world.

Paul joined the site's design competition, the 2010 Independent Handbag Award, which spreads recognition of the winning designer among the international community of bag aficionados, designers, and manufacturers.

Paul is a theater arts graduate from the University of the Philippines, with a major in costume design, which explains the root of his elaborate and intricate design aesthetic. He worked as a design assistant for a Manila-based, internationally acclaimed bag designer, and has also been inspired by his twin brother John Herrera, who taught him the art of pattern-making.

Now, he has own line of one of a kind, professionally crafted handbags. Each piece is ornate without being overly flamboyant, and speaks to the design desire of the contemporary Filipina to own unique designer pieces of wearable art.


Continue reading to find out what he has to say about participating in the design competition, and click on the photo gallery to see his works.

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