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7 Stylish Baby-grams

These kids are taking over, one OOTD at a time!
7 Stylish Baby-grams These kids are taking over, one OOTD at a time!

Here's proof that fashion comes in all sizes. As young as they may be, these kids got us double-tapping on their #OOTDs while swooning over their pigtails and little trinkets. Clearly, Instagram knows no age for these stylish tots! Read on and meet these young trendsetters who are making waves on social media as the next generation's style icons.


Take cues from this little Spanish-Brazilian fashionista if you want to get those insta-hearts! Having mugged for big apparel brands in the country, we bet this charming four-year-old daughter of models Fatima Rabago and Hideo Muraoka can even teach you how to pose and smile for the camera. 

You can stalk her at: @ilovedanda

Expect to see: Her pet, Eva.


This little heartthrob has been an online style icon since he was five years old. Often dressed in Dior, Tom Ford, and Gucci, Alonso Mateo rocks high fashion #OOTDs uploaded by his mom. He has more than half a million followers. 


You can stalk him at: @luisafere

Expect to see: Layers. Lots and lots of layers.


Andi Eigenmann's adorable mini-me is already making headlines at such a young age. From gracing magazine covers to scoring double-taps on IG, there's no stopping #TheBelle from making it to the top. Even we learned a lesson or two from this stylish three-year-old

You can stalk her at: @andieigengirl

Expect to see: Occasional twinnings with her mom.


This stylish five-year-old made waves on the internet with her impressive crafting skills! Recreating red carpet looks worn by Hollywood celebrities, Mayhem and her photographer mom Angie give a whole new meaning to fashion design by making dresses out of—gasp—paper!

You can stalk her at: 2sisters_angie

Expect to see: 101 ways with Japanese paper.


Beauty tutorials, anyone? Take it from the Teen Queen's niece to school us all on how to properly use a makeup brush. Just like her tita Kathryn Bernardo, #LittleLhexine has fans of her own. She even has an IG account, mind you—with already sixty thousand followers and counting!

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You can stalk her at: @bernardokath and @littlelhexine

Expect to see: Matchy-matchy outfits with the Teen Queen.


Here's another Kardashian we need to keep up with! With a designer wardrobe better than most, Kim and Kanye's little North is giving fashionistas five times her age a run for their money. Bespoke Givenchy couture and a front seat at New York Fashion Week? Oh, just wait 'til she's old enough to star in her own reality TV show.

You can stalk her at: @kimkardashian

Expect to see: Miniature Chanel!


The curly-haired tot of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati became a celebrity before he was even born. With his charming doe eyes and dashing #OOTDs, we can already tell that this little fellow will grow up to be a heartbreaker! Better watch out, ladies. 

You can stalk him at: @sarahlahbati and @richardgutz

Expect to see: The gutz to pull off moccasins.


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