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The Sipat sisters' sweet new clothing line.
Azucar The Sipat sisters' sweet new clothing line.

Three and a half years ago, sisters Arleen and Rovilyn Sipat made the rounds of the Christmas time bazaars as they peddled their jewelry to frenzied throngs of last-minute shoppers. When summer hit, still high off their yuletide success, they both decided to expand their line—Salsatrends—and create bathing suits and cover-ups perfect for the hot hot heat. Since the clothes were a hit, Arleen and Rovilyn then decided to incorporate dresses into the Salsatrends lineup, a bold move that transformed the brand into a full-fledged label with a strong following of its own.

For most people, this would be enough. They'd gladly end their story here, where a '...and they lived happily ever after' is a guaranteed conclusion to their entrepreneurial fashion tales. The Sipat sisters however, aren't most people; this extremely driven duo refuses to quit just yet. Enter Azucar, Arleen and Rovilyn's latest clothing brand.

Azucar is the high-end version of its sister brand Salsatrends, which is recognized for its distinct resortwear. “Salsatrends is known for its jersey pieces. The gowns and dresses here in Azucar are made from more upscale fabrics like silk that we personally source abroad”, explains Rovilyn, who does all the beadwork on the dresses that Arleen designs.

Much like Salsatrends, most Azucar items are embellished as well. The beadwork here, however, is more elaborate and incorporates semi precious stones together with acrylic beads. Another difference is that Azucar specializes in made to order. “Customers can come to the shop and buy dresses off-the-rack if they fit, but most of them ask us to customize items for them. Sometimes they like a design, but want it in a different color, or they want to combine two designs. We do that for them”, shares Rovilyn.

The Azucar store, located in the Filipino zone of Greenbelt 5, is situated where Patrice Ramos Diaz's Paradi once was. Paradi fans fret not—Azucar carries and will continue to carry a selection of Patrice's iconic piña pieces in-store. The shop also offers pieces from Salsatrends to complement the Azucar gowns, dresses, and one-of-a-kind bib necklaces available.

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-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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