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5 Things You Should Avoid Buying to Improve Your Personal Style

5 Things You Should Avoid Buying to Improve Your Personal Style
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Are you buying too much basics?

Controlling your shopping habits isn't all about saving money. We also unconsciously buy things that stop our personal style from growing, and we'd obviously be much better off without them.

As an example, fashion YouTuber Dearly Bethany shares that avoiding clothes that only clogged her closet has helped her feel more stylish than ever. She broke them down in five different categories, so you can identify them when you shop, too:

1. Clothes you don't feel 100% confident in.

If you're trying something on in a store and you aren't completely sold on the fit, the fabric, or even the color, don't buy it. Because even if you think you'd wear that piece one day, the chances of that happening is relatively low. At most, you would wear it once and forget about it. Keeping this in mind won't just save you from having unused items in your closet, it'll stop you from ever feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes, too.


2. Clothes you want to buy only because they're on sale.

It's hard to pass on a good deal, but like Bethany said in her video, you should have more (and better) reasons to buy a piece of clothing aside from its price. So whenever you're tempted by a massive sale, here are few follow-up questions you can ask yourself to justify the purchase: Do you feel good in it? Does it go well with other items in your closet? Will you wear it often? Would you buy it even if it were full price? If you answer yes to all of these, then go ahead and add it to your cart!

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3. Basic pieces you already have.

A closet that's exclusively stocked with foundation pieces will make it difficult to elevate your outfits. That's why you should also look into investing in accessories like jewelry, scarves, or bags, because these are the items that will make your favorite basics (i.e. your white T-shirts and jeans) a part of more stylish, put-together looks that are far from plain.

4. Too many casual clothes because you're afraid of looking "overdressed".

At one point, you've probably been singled out for wearing a "fancy" outfit. They'd ask, "Why are you so dressed up today? What's the occasion?" only because you felt like wearing a nice dress and some jewelry that day.

That said, even if we know it's meant to be a compliment, we can relate to Bethany when she said that it also makes us want to change into sweatpants instead. The fear of being singled out this way can definitely affect our shopping habits, leading some of us to stick to only casual clothes to avoid looking overdressed. This could get in the way of us developing our personal style and our confidence in general.


As someone who was on the same boat before, Bethany has some sound advice: Just stick to it. Dress the way you want to dress (casual or not), because eventually, people will begin to recognize that this is just your personal style.

5. Clothes that you can't alter.

Because of her petite body type, Bethany says that she has stopped expecting clothes to fit off the rack. Instead of shopping only in petite sections in stores, for one, she would explore other options and just have them altered in-store or by her tailor to fit her size. Not only will this method give you more options, you'd become more familiar with what would suit your body, too.

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