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7 Times Ashley Garcia Made Us Want to Coordinate Outfits with Our S.O.

So adorable!
7 Times Ashley Garcia Made Us Want to Coordinate Outfits with Our S.O.
IMAGE Instagram/ashleyogarcia
So adorable!

Couple OOTDs can sometimes have a tendency to look cringey, but when done right, they can be super adorable! There are some couples, however, who have mastered the art of coordinating outfits with each other. Enter: Ashley Garcia and her long-time boyfriend, Sean Roxas

If you look through their Instagram feeds, you'll notice that they love coordinating and matching outfits in a way that still looks chic and classy. Ahead, we list down some of their best couple OOTDs to serve as inspiration for you and your beau:

How to Do Couple OOTDs, as Seen on Ashley Garcia

1. Ashley and Sean kept things simple by sticking with black and white for their OOTDs. We love how they picked opposite colors for their tops and bottoms!


2. If you don't want to coordinate outfits in public, you can definitely do it while you're just chilling at home.

3. Neutrals are no-fail when it comes to couple OOTDs since they're understated and won't clash with each other.

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4. One easy way to look coordinated is to match the color of one piece of your outfit with your partner's OOTD. Case in point: Ashley's cream Coach Tabby shoulder bag matches Sean's top and shoes.

5. Trust us: Brown, black, and white will always look good together!


6. Here's another example of them picking opposite colors for their tops and bottoms—it's a cute way to coordinate your outfits while still looking different.

7. Brown, white, and cream seem to be the couples' top choices when it comes to matching outfits, and we don't blame them—they complement each other well!



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