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Are You Ready For Myoh?

Travel-inspired pins, neon straps, and more will make you want another Havi.
Are You Ready For Myoh? Travel-inspired pins, neon straps, and more will make you want another Havi.

Now on its 6th year, Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) does not seem to have lost its thunder. “Last year we sold about 8,000 pairs and it gets bigger and better every year, so we hope to top that again this year,” reveals Anne Gonzales, Managing Director of  Havaianas Philippines.

What makes this year’s selection different?

This year’s running theme for those special pins is travel. Anne shares, “we said we’ll do travel but we’ll do it in style. So we have icons that represent a lot of different fashion capitals so we have London, Paris, New York, and Japan and Italy represented.” Apart from the pins, they have a limited edition sole called Estampas that’s meant to look like a “jetsetter’s passport.” “It’s all the different stamps that you would get [on your passport when you travel] but when you look closer, the stamps actually say the date of when Havaianas arrived in different countries around the world.”


Anne also gushed about their newest offering this year, charms. “They’re little crystal charms that have crystals that hang from them and there’s one that has the age of Havaianas in zebra print. That’s the one I’m eyeing this year.”

There’s a whole gamut of strap and sole options too but the standouts are the neon straps. “In fashion everything has been really bright this year,” Anne remarks, “so if you have it in your clothing, why not have it in your footwear? So we’re offering a lot of brights and it’s interesting because we also have mixed colored straps; the inner color is a contrasting color from the top.”

Since Havainas’ global message is “It’s always summer with Havaianas,” they decided to recognize eleven Citizens of Summer at the MYOH launch event—Alvey Alfonso, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Cecile Van Straten, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Luke Landrigan, Margarita Fores, Professor Fantasma, Rosana Ocampo, Sassa Jimenez, Stephanie Kienle, and Stephanie Zubiri.


“It’s not about a season; it really is a state of mind,” Anne declares. “It’s all the things that we think about growing up as Filipinos and enjoying our summer. Our Citizens of Summer are not only summer-lovers but they’re also well-traveled people—whether they’re promoting local travel or just traveling the world, the one thing they have in common is that they like all these journeys and new adventures.

And what did these ambassadors put together?

Designer Rosanna Ocampo picked out the limited sole, pairing it with gold straps saying, “I was really drawn to the Colliseo pin just because I’ve always had strong ties with Italy.”

Franco-Filipina Stephanie Kienle on the other hand adorned her slim, navy and gold pair with a kalesa “because it represents Filipino pride” and the Eiffel Tower “because Paris is close to my heart.” She smiled saying this one pair “represents me in general.”


Another designer, Sassa Jimenez picked out a hot pink sole and ocean green straps. “I think I like the contrast,” she says, “and I think it fits my color palette for this summer. I picked a Manila pin because I wanted it to fit the theme. Because they’re trying to focus on the different fashion capitals in the world, I want my pair to be a patriotic one but I added other pins like the robot and the cassette tapes to represent me as a person.

Professor Fantasmo on the otherhand created a pair in Brazilian colors. “I’m Brazilian and it’s a big pride to see the success of Havaianas outside Brazil. And this makes me very proud of being a Brazilian, that’s why I chose the Brazilian colors. Every single Brazilian loves Havaianas. And here, it’s not different.” Apart from a Rio pin, he also added an I love the PH one to go with it.


Make Your Own Havaianas opens to the public on May 12 at 10:00am and will run until May 16 at the Rockwell Tent beside Power Plant Mall. They plan to bring the event to various key cities in the Philippines throughout the year so keep checking for regular updates.

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