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Are You A Preview Girl?

The buzz behind Preview's latest campaign
Are You A Preview Girl? The buzz behind Preview's latest campaign

If you’ve been wondering why our social media pages have been exploding with videos lately, it’s all part and parcel of Preview’s newest online campaign. Entitled #I’mAPreviewGirl, the magazine lets go of the reigns and leaves its viewers to discern the different facets of the fashionable woman.

“It’s a social experiment of sorts to see how far the notion of #ImAPreviewGirl is received by the public. So it’s not just about what we say it is, but how people use it in their daily lives,” says Preview Editor in Chief Pauline Juan. 

Collaborating with some of the most creative minds in the country, directors were tasked with an open brief to let go of their preconceived notions and create their own interpretations of a Preview girl. From quirky and fun (check out Rufa Mae Quinto’s guide to high fashion label pronunciation) to downright deadly (click to see why red lipstick is the well-dressed woman’s weapon of choice), the series includes a couple of shorts designed to make you sit up and think about how fashion—and everything else that comes with it—is a force we deal with in our everyday life.


Watch the entire series here:   

Hide and Seek by Sam Lee

In Defense of Fashion by Rappler

Nourriture et Modeles by Everywhere We Shoot

For the Love of Labels by Ian Galsim

How Red Lipstick is a Secret Weapon of Well-Dressed Women by Joel Limchoc

How Not to Instagram by Joel Limchoc

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