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Are Belts the New Cool-Girl Staple?

Fashion food for thought.
Are Belts the New Cool-Girl Staple?
Fashion food for thought.

Let's be real here: Belts never were for just keeping your pants upat least not for the fashion kid. It's a truth more acknowledged now than ever before, and all we needed was a quick scroll through Instagram to confirm our suspicions. Are belts the new It item? The possibility's got us in a serious cinch, so indulge our weighing in!

First up, the logo belt. Since its meteoric rise back into the scene, we've seen those telltale interlocked letters (Gs or Cs or Hs, as you please) looped around famous waists the world over. We don't blame them: after all, a brand-brandishing belt is the quickest—and sometimes, comparatively more affordable—way to flaunt a label. That, or your initials just happen to be LV, too.

This double jump ring belt is EVERYWHERE. Favored by the younger, trendier set to anchor their '90s-flavored two-tone mom jeans in place, it seems that distressed denim simply can't look better with anything else. We agree, tbh.

Yours truly first saw these on Korean stars not-so-subtly making their way through the airport, lengths of fabric trailing behind them. What are those? Answer: they're the fabric/canvas belts that you once, perhaps in your childhood, used as a necessity, now worn extra, extra long and dangling from every K-pop idol's hip. If you're still wondering what it feels like to have a tail...

We blame it on Prada's sailor-inspired Fall 2016 show. Seasons may have passed but the corset belt hasn't rested since then; laced over (and not under!) Miuccia's veritable army of military coats and oversized, utilitarian jackets, the modest ladies of the 1800s would have had a collective heart attack.

Look ma, no hands! The fanny pack (or belt bag, whichever you like) has officially shed its sweaty tourist dad image, finding its way into both our trousers' belt loops and our hearts.



You're in for twice the fun, because Gosha Rubchinskiy's Spring 2018 menswear show informed us that, yes, it is indeed possible to wear two belts at once and not look like an idiot—the more, the merrier, after all! We're calling it: this is going to be the new thing of things, so pile 'em on. Like, literally.


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