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Anna Wintour Stars on the Cover of BoF Magazine's America Issue

Here's what we learned from one of the most powerful figures in fashion.
Anna Wintour Stars on the Cover of BoF Magazine's America Issue
IMAGE Business of Fashion via
Here's what we learned from one of the most powerful figures in fashion.

Anna Wintour. At the mere mention of her name, you immediately picture a woman whose face is framed with a short bob and black sunglasses. Her name echoes Vogue Magazine, the most influential fashion authority across the world.

Simply put, Anna Wintour may indeed be the most powerful figure in the world of fashion. Just imagine our delight upon seeing her on the cover of a print magazine for a change. As she graces the cover of Business of Fashion's "America" issue, which was shot by no other than Patrick Demarchelierthe UK-born editor poses in her signature sunnies, wearing a red, white, and blue floral Calvin Klein by Appointment dress against the stars and the stripes.

IMAGE Business of Fashion via

In her interview with Business of Fashion, she talks about the future of the fashion industry, the upcoming Met Gala, and more. Below, we summarize the five things we learned from her chat with Imran Amed.


1. "Fashion reflects the time."

"Vogue was a society magazine. I think that whatever you see on the runways or on the streets, in a movie, on your Instagram feed, whatever it may be, fashion can tell you what's going on in the world."

"Whether it's through fashion photography or through our political coverage or our cultural coverage, a magazine is a living, breathing thing. You need to be of the moment, not too far ahead, not too far behind. You have to reflect what one sees happening."

2. "You can't be frightened of change."

"A traditional company is the most difficult to pivot and you have to be open to new ideas and not be worried about failure. I think when things are challenging and different, it's actually also a very exciting time, because it does give you a freedom to try different things."

3. "I think fashion, and I count us within that too, has been guilty of being too narrow minded, and thank god that's changing."

"We are a media company and we reach audiences in ways that we have never done before. It’s absolutely extraordinary the breadth of who we talk to—and in so many different ways, and how interesting that is, and how the news cycle has completely changed—whatever way you’re communicating."

4. On the integration of Vogue Magazine and

"I am not a micro-manager. I like to know what’s going on and am aware, but I’m not a micro-manager. I don’t feel people work the best way under those circumstances—if they feel someone is always watching every single thing. So we try to encourage in everything we do for all the different editors and writers and photographers to take ownership and feel good about what they’re doing."

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5. On the Trump administration:

"Actually Diane [von Furstenberg] has a great quote in the March issue—there’s no point about whining or complaining or screaming. The country voted. So what can we do now to be most helpful and to also stand up for what we believe in? People can have disagreements. They feel equally strongly about what they think is right as we do about [what we think] is right. So let’s try—to use a well-worn phrase—to reach across the aisle and see what we can do to work together. I really believe that—because just dissent is not enough."

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