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Angel Aquino On James Reyes

The actress shares about working with the designer, when they met, and her thoughts on his collection.
Angel Aquino On James Reyes The actress shares about working with the designer, when they met, and her thoughts on his collection.

We ran into Angel Aquino at the Fashion Watch show of James Reyes and we couldn’t resist asking the Preview Best-Dressed 2008 cover girl a few questions about the designer she came to support that day.

What did you think of James’ collection?

I like that it’s fashion that you can wear, even if you don’t really have a model’s build. It’s wearable fashion, that’s what I like about it. I like that his pieces are so soft. There are parts that might be a little more feminine then there are parts that are more structured. I like the mixture of that.

Do you normally wear a lot of pieces by him?

Lalo na nung naguumpisa siya, kase medyo edgy siya. He was greatly influenced by Japanese fashion and it’s not something that you see in Phiippine fashion so much, especially back then. So at that time, it was refreshing to wear a James Reyes.


Do you have a particular favorite piece by him?

I remember he had this collection na parang may light bulb, subtly may mga ganong design [elements]. I like those ones. I like that he sticks to the basic colors so hindi ka na masyadong mag-iisip, especially if you’re someone who wants to stay classic and you don’t want to experiment too much. He can make you look fashionable without having to be too experimental.

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What’s it like working with him as a designer?

He’s so sweet and you can leave him to create the dresses for you and you don’t even have to see his designs; he can just do it and you’ll be happy with the results. Maybe because he knows me, and we’ve been friends for a long time so he knows what would work for me.

Would you remember when you first met him?


Oh my gosh a long time ago. Even before I started modeling on the ramp, in 1994 (it’s going to be 20 years already), but he wasn’t a designer yet. I don’t know if he was a writer or an art director for Campaigns and Gray; that was his day job before he became a fashion designer.

Did he tell you when he was planning to enter design?

I saw it all happen. And then he was telling us, kami ng mga friends niya, you know his friends in Campaigns, “O kayo yung mga muse ko ha.”

Isha: So you’ve kind of grown with James?

Yes parang sabay lang kami.

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