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An Estrada Reveals Why She Chose to Sell Her Swimwear Line Float in Adora

This is a huge deal!
An Estrada Reveals Why She Chose to Sell Her Swimwear Line Float in Adora This is a huge deal!

This May, one of our favorite online troves for swimmies, Float Swimwear, celebrates its first year in the biz with a bang. Ladies, Float is now available in Adora!

In just a short span of 12 months, An Estrada’s baby released five collections and 65 styles with over 22 thousand Instagram followers and three magazine covers to match. For a startup brand, that’s quite a huge feat, but there’s no news more massive than the fact that they are now available in luxe department store, Adora. “Adora was something that we were a bit lucky with. One of our friends behind the department store, Eman Pineda, dropped by EASY one time for coffee. He liked the brand and product and casually put up the offer of setting up a pop-up within Adora if ever we’d be interested. We decided to pursue this halfway through this summer and after three weeks finally launched it,” An shares.  


For real fans of the brand, EASY Skate-Surf has been a stop for the ladies who want to fit the pieces before purchasing. From a hip shop (with really good coffee) nestled in Brixton to a multi-level department store in Greenbelt, An says the transition went rather smoothly. “It’s an honor to be in Adora and to be alongside established brands. Float on its own is classic and timeless, transitioning from being in a store like EASY to Adora we feel was never going to be an issue as the branding aesthetic can blend in with different concepts, from sport and technical swimwear to lifestyle.”

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Did you know they have slip dresses now? So many exciting things to expect from this brand!

"Right now all of the styles are available in both our online store and in Adora. Slowly, we’ll be introducing exclusive colors that will be uniquely available in each store."


In case you’re wondering if there will be a price difference now that they’re in GB5, An assures us that the price online and at the store will be the same. Yass!

Congrats, An! Can't wait to see more from Float!

You can check out their new sweet spot at Adora, Greenbelt 5.

Images from @tracianne and @float_swim on Instagram 

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