All the Stylish Ways to Wear the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag, As Seen on Rei Germar StyleBible Preview
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All the Stylish Ways to Wear the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag, As Seen on Rei Germar

Proves how versatile the purse is – from the different colors, sizes, and carry-ways
All the Stylish Ways to Wear the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag, As Seen on Rei Germar

Fashion is a lot of fun because it's both a form of art and a creative way to express yourself, just like painting, but with clothes and accessories! Lately, we can't help but notice some of Rei Germar’s cool-girl looks—especially with how she styled the Louis Vuitton Twist bag

ICYDK, the iconic Louis Vuitton Twist bag first came out in the Cruise 2015 collection. The bag features a beautifully textured surface inspired by the 1988 Louis Vuitton Pochette Trapèze. To open it, you must pivot the L-shaped clasp to form a V—a unique feature that's enough to make us want to snag a bag ourselves! It also boasts the luxurious durability of Epi leather. With all that, it’s no wonder that the Twist Bag stood the test of time.

That said, here’s how Rei Germar styled the Twist bag featuring its new summer colors:

Rei makes a case for mixing casual and formal wear in this très chic OOTD. Here, Rei combines elegant office-appropriate khaki pants with a colorful and breezy graphic tee, creating an eye-catching and youthful look. For the final touch, she accessorizes with a black Twist bag with fun elements like playful pink details and a casual thick strap.

Rei pulls off the denim-on-denim look masterfully in this laidback ensemble. The fashion girl went for a monochromatic theme by wearing denim with similar hues and washes for her top and bottom. For a pop of color, Rei accessorized with a matching pink cap and Twist Bag.

Here’s how to mix prints like a pro. First, pick a color scheme that's easy to coordinate, like black and white. Second, go loud and subtle. Here, the polka dots are the loud prints, while the LV monograms are the subtle prints. Finally, go easy on accessories but make sure they stand out. Here, Rei chose a solid-toned yellow Twist bag.

This summer, the classic Twist Bag has been rescaled to a mini version and comes in a host of classic and new vibrant colors. Pick from hues like classic black, neutral white, electric pink, and acid green. You can also choose how you want to carry it—whether it’s with a fine chain, leather handle, or an embroidered shoulder strap.

Vibrant, versatile, and practical, the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag is one that can easily adapt to your different moods and styles.

Check out and shop the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag at its flagship store in Greenbelt 3 and at the Louis Vuitton store in Solaire.

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