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Aimee Song Reveals Her Foolproof Formula to Staying Relevant in the Blogging Biz

Aspiring bloggers can learn a thing or two from our July cover girl.
Aimee Song Reveals Her Foolproof Formula to Staying Relevant in the Blogging Biz Aspiring bloggers can learn a thing or two from our July cover girl.

Although her rise to fame was never an intentional feat, Aimee Song came out to be such a natural in the blogging business. One of the two cover girls for this month's issue of Preview, the woman behind fashion and lifestyle blog Song of Style, has outdone herself not only as a blogger but also, more aptly put, as a digital influencer. We talk to the street style star about her Preview cover shoot, her recent collaboration with SM Makati, her upcoming book, her day job as an interior designer, and everything fashionable in between.

Get to know more about Aimee (pronounced as Ah-Mee) in an exclusive interview with Style Bible below.


So how are you enjoying the Philippines so far? We know it’s not your first time here, right?

Yeah, it’s my second! [The first time was when] I went to Palawan with my sister, and that was really nice. Here, I’m just eating so much. (Laughs) Nothing will fit me anymore. Good thing I can shop here! I also went to Cebu, and I just got back yesterday.

Let’s talk about your career as a blogger. When did you first realize you were famous?

I still don’t think I’m really famous, but I guess when people started to recognize me in the streets and whenever I’m traveling—whether it’s in Morocco, Iceland, etc. When I started getting recognized, I felt like, oh, people know who I am.

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How does it feel whenever people randomly ask for a photo with you?

Now I’m used to it! (Laughs) In the beginning I thought that was weird. The first time, I think it was in San Francisco, but I can’t remember exactly. I was walking down the street and they kept saying my name. They were like, “Aimee! Aimee!” Then I looked around and they were hiding and giggling. After that they left comments on my blog and said, “We saw you on the street today!”

Blogging used to be so big before the rise of Instagram. After that there were less and less people scrolling through websites. Suddenly bloggers transitioned to “digital influencers,” and you managed to cope very well. How do you stay relevant? What’s the Aimee Song formula?

I think it’s just having different social mediums—I have Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and my blog—and I use them for different purposes.


And also, instead of trying to become somebody else, just keep on doing what you do and what makes you happy. 

Just curious—do you ever look at your past photos and think to yourself, “Ugh! Why did I ever want to wear this?”

Clothes-wise, no, but I think about that with my makeup! Why did I not wear makeup, or ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I drew my eyeliner that way,’ or ‘Gosh, why did I shave off my eyebrows?’ Like, what was wrong with me? (Laughs)


How about fashion trends? None?

Hmm, no, I don’t feel horrible or ridiculous with what I wore.

What’s the one trend you will never be caught wearing?

Never say never! I think I could wear anything if I liked it—doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not.

Speaking of clothes, you wore SM for your Preview cover shoot. Which one was your favorite outfit?

There were a couple! There was one where I’m sitting on the sofa and I’m wearing like a black off-the-shoulder top but layered. That was a really pretty look and I got the top for myself because I really liked it. Also, there’s this black and white top. It’s like striped, and I felt that was really my sister. I saw it and I’m like, my sister has something exactly like that. It’s oversized and the skirt was longer in length—something that I normally wouldn’t wear, but I liked it on me. It looked so cool. I was like, wow, that’s badass. Turned out to be one of my favorites.


What did you think about the clothes in general? Would you have guessed that these are actually very affordable clothes?

No, not in a million years! Even the dress I’m wearing, I can’t believe it’s super affordable. And these shoes, I’m like, really? They’re so cute!


We heard you have a book coming up! Can you tell us more about it? What should we expect?

The book is about social media, specifically focusing on Instagram and how to make it on Instagram but it’s not at all about being popular, though I’ll also talk about that—if you want a lot of numbers, then this is how you do it. But also, it’s more than just numbers and likes and comments. For me it’s how to take quality photos, how do you craft your own voice when there are millions and millions of people out there trying to do the same thing, how do you find your own voice, how do you make a brand out of it, and how do you make money from social media. Also, how do you not let these things destroy who you are? It talks about all these things.


That sounds like a must-have! It’s the perfect package!

Yeah, it is! (Laughs)

You’re also an interior designer. Will you also talk about it in your book?

Yeah, I talked about how to style your house and how to take good interior design shots. Like, if you’re somewhere and you see some beautiful interior, how do you make that come to life in photos?


Do you still get to practice your profession as an interior designer?

Uh-huh! Actually, I just finished with one of my clients and I’m working on a new project.

That’s crazy! With your schedule, how do you still manage to make time for that?

When you love something, you just make time for it!


Give us five things that a fashion girl should invest in for her home.

Hmm. I think a really great lounge chair—most of my blogging, I do it on my sofa, but I also have this really comfortable set of lounge chairs. They’re an investment and I think they really make the room complete. Having a nice rug is very important, too. Rugs are pricey, but they last for years and years. Invest also in good bed sheets, because sleep is so important. And then, a nice jewelry organizer. Also, I love mirrors! I mean, if you’re a fashionista you always have to check yourself out, so definitely a nice mirror. (Laughs)

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