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10 "Accessible" Fashion Brands That Are Redefining Luxury

10 "Accessible" Fashion Brands That Are Redefining Luxury
IMAGE Facebook/Charles & Keith
No need to shell out the biggest bucks.

“Luxury” isn’t set in stone. For technicality’s sake, certain criteria might define this word (a.k.a. price tags), but luxurious purchases can be decided by shoppers just as much as the brand.

While investing in a designer handbag is often on the bucket lists of many a fashion enthusiast, luxury shopping can simply be someone’s dream splurge without shelling out the biggest bucks. Ahead, we list down quality brands for your collection that won’t have you sacrificing your bank account.

LOOK: 10 "Accessible" Fashion Brands That Are Redefining Luxury

1. Charles & Keith

Price range: P499 - P12,099

Founded in 1996 by brothers Charles and Keith Wong of Singapore, the brand’s presence is now felt across the globe with its curated offerings of minimalist pieces in geometric silhouettes, adding a fun and trendy touch to classic selections.

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2. Pedro

Price range: P995 - P6,995

Since its start, the Charles & Keith group’s 2005 offshoot doesn’t fit into one mold. The Singaporean brand carries a range of footwear for men, women, and children under their design ethos of effortless allure and sophistication within simplicity.


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3. Aldo

Price range: P295 - P8,695

In 1972, the young Canadian Aldo Bensadoun started the now-global brand that bears his name. Fast-forward five decades, Aldo has become an on-trend label that transcends beyond shoes with its savvy collection of designer-inspired handbags and accessories found across 100 and more countries. 

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4. Call it Spring

Price range: P200 to P3,995

Dubbed a “mecca” for trend-worthy shoes and accessories, the Canadian brand is a worldwide hub for à la mode pieces with non-hefty price tags. Plus, the fashion label is taking a sustainable route with its 100 percent vegan pledge–one way to keep your footprint clean yet chic.

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5. COS

Price range: P550 - P12,000

Timelessness is one founding maxim for the Scandinavian fashion house, whose bare-bones and functional catalog defines its Nordic style origins. The brand hones in on its craftsmanship, bringing its take on essentials to its selection of women's and menswear.


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6. Mango

Price range: P895 to P19,995

The Spanish retail brand is a staple for mall hopper since 1984, keeping keen with its buyers and up-to-date with the ebb of trends. With collections categorized into events, Mango is a go-to for the on-the-go–and they have regular sales, too.

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7. JW Pei

Price range: P500 to P13,500

“Stylish yet sustainable” is a must for the fashion industry, and JW Pei doesn’t skimp on both. The vegan-based brand keeps loyal to its personal code that fashion should be accessible, effortless, and empowering with its modern but practical designs.

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8. Nine West

Price range: P1,580 to P5,650

Fusing designer style for the casual sartorial enthusiast, the Manhattan-born brand has graced both Hollywood stages to close friends’ intimate parties with its ever-evolving inventory of footwear and carry-ons. 

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9. Dune London

Price range: P990 to P8,650

From Oxford Street to the world’s malls, Dune London’s British roots are written in its very DNA with its assortment of utilitarian and durable shoes. Thirty years after it first visualized an “affordable” luxury footwear and accessories store, the brand is staying strong with more offerings to come.


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10. Guess

Price range: P400 - P16,349

Classic is one descriptor for the Los Angeles-based brand, who remains a fixture for shopping destinations across the globe. The 40-plus-year-old name in jeans has transcended beyond its signature denim with handbags and upscale athletic wear that echo today’s pulse.

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