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A (style) Guide To The World Cup Semi-finals

Which team are you rooting for?
A (style) Guide To The World Cup Semi-finals Which team are you rooting for?

There's nothing like a sporting event to keep you at the edge of your seat, no? All we’ve been hearing (and talking about) for the past few weeks are officemate’s and friends sentiments on the World Cup, and with the finals drawing nearer and nearer we ask some of our editors to dish on the teams who have made it to the semi-finals. Truth is, half of the Stylebible team has been following FIFA religiously and being the fashion girls that we are, we put together four different outfits for you to wear come game time as you root for your chosen team. Read on to see how we cheer in style.


"I think they’ll make it to the finals." - Maui Rodriguez, Preview Social Media Editorial Assistant 

"I wouldn’t mind being their cheerleader only because I like the team colors. That’s all." - Zoe Laurente, Style Bible Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor

"Messi has been working as a one man army this World Cup. Argentina needs to work as a team and stop relying on Messi alone if they want to make it to the finals." - Kat Veloso, Preview Creative Solutions Art Director 


"Argentina is just all about Messi; though I'm not saying he isn't a joy to watch." - Nikki SantiagoStyle Bible Managing Editor


"Even with Neymar gone, I have a feeling this is their year." - Bea

"Brazil has home court advantage, but I’m rooting for Germany." - Maui

"Brazil may have the crowd on their side, but it won't be enough to bring them to the finals specially now that Neymar is out." - Kat

"Brazil will make it to the finals, not Germany." - Yayay De Castro, Style Bible Art Director

"Germany will make it to the finals, not Brazil." - Nikki



"Not this year, especially not against Brazil (even without Neymar)." - Bea

"Have you seen their uniforms? They look like winners already!" - Maui

"I have nothing to say about Germany... except that they belong to the semis." [laughs] - Kat

"I’m for Germany because I like German men." [laughs] - Jacque de Borja, Style Bible Fashion Assistant

"Germany's ball handling and passing will get them that covetable trophy in the Louis Vuitton trunk. I can't even pinpoint a favorite player from the team. Everyone in the team is superb!" - Nikki


"Netherlands now is Spain 4 years ago." - Bea

"I like the team but I don’t like the uniform." - Maui

"Netherlands is the only team out of the 4 to never win a World Cup. I say this one belongs to them." - Kat

"It's not my team but that superman header by Robin van Persie during their game against Spain was memorable—perhaps the best goal this World Cup." - Nikki


Like what you hear? What about what you see? Well if you do, click on the gallery to shop the looks in time for the match!

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