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A Shy Girl's Guide to Wearing Eyeglasses

Because wearing glasses is actually super cool.
A Shy Girl's Guide to Wearing Eyeglasses Because wearing glasses is actually super cool.

Wearing glasses somehow always has a bad reputation attached to it, especially because TV shows or movies depicting girls ''uncool'' or ''geeky'' when they wear glasses, even calling them names like ''four eyes.'' Thankfully, a lot has changed when it comes to the idea of wearing and sporting specs–it's become a lot cooler and socially acceptable, which is really great because there's nothing wrong with wearing eyglasses. In fact, it can be pretty awesome! Aside from the obvious fact that glasses can make your world seem like HD, we listed down below all the reasons why you should never be shy to wear your own pair.

1. Whether you're too lazy to do your eye makeup or slept too late so you woke up with dark circles under your eyes, glasses are a great way to conceal any imperfections.

2. It can double as a really cute accessory. With all the chic colors, designs, and shapes now available, you have tons of options when it comes to dressing up and matching your pair to all your looks.


3. Candy's EIC Sam Potenciano is a definite proof of how cool eyeglasses have become as she shares, ''It used to be kind of uncool to be seen wearing glasses, but especially in fashion, the tides have definitely turned. Just look at Jenna Lyons, the boss lady at J. Crew, or any of the looks from Gucci's latest runway show, or even local brand Sunnies Studios. Big, vintage-looking specs are making a huge comeback."

4. Wearing glasses can actually give you a lot of confidence, especially because clearer eyesight lets you conquer any task and not have to worry about your blurry vision.

5. Because glasses are associated with looking geeky, which is actually really cool, they can instantly make you feel smarter, too!

6. They're actually really good at framing your face and giving you a more distinct look!

7. You can also use your specs to express yourself and your personality, depending on the design or shape you pick to wear! You can even have multiple frames if you want and instantly change the way you look.

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8. Glasses bring the focus and attention to your pretty eyes, making them perfect for distracting anyone with the surprise zit you just got.

9. They can even protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of your computer or smartphone screen on a daily basis.

10. Wearing glasses can also prevent anything, like dust, from entering your eyes! So they actually keep your eyes safer, which is super important.

So whether your glasses are prescribed or just something you're trying out, we think you should totally embrace wearing them and love the fact that you sport glasses because they really are cool and so much fun to wear! 

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