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A Q&a With Claire

The America's Next Top Model alumna talks about Philippine Fashion Week and the designers that made an impression.
A Q&a With Claire The America's Next Top Model alumna talks about Philippine Fashion Week and the designers that made an impression.

It was day 2 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 when we first noticed a familiar face on the runway; familiar if you follow America's Next Top Model. Claire Unabia was part of the show's tenth cycle; watch the trailer below for a quick reminder.

We caught up with her for a quick chat after the Oxygen show to get her thoughts on walking for Philippine Fashion Week and more. Read on!

What made you decide to come to the Philippines?

Well I’m half Filipino and I’ve never been to the Philippines so as soon as my agent, who is Filipino, told me in New York City that they have Philippine Fashion Week, I thought that I should definitely come see what it’s like and be a part of it. It was a great excuse to be able to come to the Philippines where I’ve always wanted to come, forever.



Who is your agent?

My agents here are Allan (Acosta) and Joey (Espino) from Cal Carries and my agent in New York is Emmanuel.


How many shows did you do?

Twelve shows total.


What was the experience like for you?

It’s really great; it’s very different from New York City. Here everything is all in the same place and they do them all back-to-back. It’s a little bit crazy—the way that they do fittings all together and the long rehearsals. In New York we don’t really have a long rehearsal; we just do a quick walk-through and it’s very simple. Here the show is a bit more complicated.

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But this is more fun in a way. You get to work with the same girls over and over, you work with the same directors over and over. You kind of get to know the designers from doing the fittings with them and seeing them at the rehearsals. It seems more like a family and that’s nice.



Has any designer, model, or brand made an impression?

Well I’m really impressed with the whole Golden ABC Corporation, in that they’re such a strong brand in the Philippines—Filipinos are buying it, Filipinos are designing it. It’s really cool. Oxygen clothing is really nice and fashion-forward; I’d definitely rock that in New York anytime.

A lot of the designers are really talented. I think Lyle Ibanez is really great. Yvonne Quisumbing has gorgeous, flirty, feminine clothing. It’s really nice.


Do you think you’ll be coming back in the future?

I do, I think I’ll be coming back! We’re planning an art show, my husband is an artist and we like to do art shows around the world. We’re trying to get together an art show at the Ayala Museum around the same time as next fashion week then we can come back all together. I was just talking to some people from ETC about doing a TV hosting, so [it] sounds like I’ll be back.


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