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A History of Fabulous Preview Interns

Once a Preview girl, always a Preview girl.
A History of Fabulous Preview Interns Once a Preview girl, always a Preview girl.

This June, Preview Magazine is celebrating its 20th year in the biz and it got us feeling nostalgic. In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends come and go the same way editors move to and fro. You probably know Liz Uy, Daryl Chang, and of course, our EIC Pauline Juan; but we bet you didn’t know we a have a pretty sick list of stylish ex-interns, too! Everyone has to start somewhere, and for this bunch, it was Preview that introduced them to the real world of fashion. From writing short articles, helping out (a.k.a steaming and pulling-out clothes or taping shoes) at shoots, to being at the editors' beck and call, these ladies and gents have come a long way from carrying stuff and learning the ins and outs of fashion with us. 

SAM SADHWANI, Ex-Preview intern


Being the daughter of fashion and beauty mogul, Apples Aberin, has its perks, but Sam who also had a couple of modelling stints of her own, wanted to experience the industry through the shoes of an editor. She is now working at Bobbi Brown, Philippines.   

KIANA VALENCIANO, Ex-Style Bible intern



This blooming lady may be the daughter of Mr. Pure Energy and the lil' sis of now wed brothers Gab and Paolo, but she's actually doing quite well on her own. She just launched her own fashion blog, she has a solid following on IG, and she's also working on building her singing career. 

KALLY ARANETA, Ex- Preview intern


It may have been a quick internship, but it was memorable nonetheless. Check out her blog and we bet you'll get a) the travel itch and b) some style inspo. 

CARSY ARANETA, Ex-Preview Intern


Carsy was that perma-tanned intern who surfed on the weekends and could source a skateboard prop in a pinch. But these days, the beach goddess designs her own clothing brand for cool girls, Carisse. Just to be clear: She was selling Bardot tops and one-piece swimsuits on Instagram way before anyone else.


DANIEL NAVAL, Ex-Preview intern

Back when Raymond Gutierrez produced our society pages in the print mag, Daniel was always there to help. Taking in everything he learned, dapper Daniel now works for a casting director in New York. He also curates and art directs a fashion exhibit in Dubai twice a year and is a collection manager for the Victoria's Secret fashion show!

MIA JEANJAQUET, Ex-Style Bible intern


Back then, we didn't know that our intern would turn into a blogger and eventually end up designing RTW clothing to be sold online (@msinaction). Now that's a girl who took her passion for fashion to the business side. 


SHARINA POQUIZ, Ex- Preview Intern


You've probably seen this young mom's peg-worthy flatlays on her blog and IG, themistymom. But yup, at one point in time, she used to intern and play with makeup with us. 

GERRY DY, Ex- Style Bible intern

Style Bible's very first intern ever studied in Parsons School of Design, got featured in The Sartorialist and had stints in Vogue and Lancome. Whew. 

RAXENNE MANIQUIZ, Ex- Preview Intern



She's a seriously talented graphic designer / illustrator who we knew had so much potential even then. This artist now works with Dan Matutina and has published works.  Way to go!

MANDI GARCIA, Ex- Preview intern

Before she became an assistant for Liz Uy, Mandi was a certified Preview intern. One of the reliable ones, Mandi would always deliver whenever others would fumble. After realizing she wanted a New York state of mind, she jetted off and is now killing it at V Magazine!

BELLE RODOLFO, Ex- Style Bible intern


Back in college, the Guidon writer/cheerleader would take time to visit our Mandaluyong office to help out at the online home of Preview Magazine. After graduating, she applied for the print team and got in. She is now the resident beauty girl. Now will you look at that.


MARK BUENAOBRA, Ex- Style Bible Intern


Even back then, everyone loved Marky. He's stylish, funny, and totally  had the talent to match his character. After moving from SB, to (remember our e-comm site?), he is now firmly on Preview Magazine's masthead as the Associate Art Director. 

ISHA ANDAYA-VALLES, Ex-Preview intern


Isha has been in and out of Summit, but a Preview girl at heart, she always found herself coming back. After graduating in 2002, she interned at Preview for three months before leaving for Florence. She officially joined the team later that year, stayed for a  bit, resigned and came back as the first ever Managing Editor for Style Bible. Life happened, she got married, had a cute little boy whom we all love, and is now back with Preview as the Executive Editor a.k.a the boss. 


ANNA CANLAS, Ex- Preview intern

We don’t mean to brag, but Style Bible’s current EIC has the ultimate success story. After graduating summa cum laude in UP, Anna interned for Preview and the rest, as you know, was history. She swiftly stepped up the Preview ladder excelling in both the fashion and beauty departments, until she realized New York was her calling. Two years went by so fast as she finished her master’s degree in NYU, now she's back and changing the rules of the digital arena one Style Bible article at a time. From intern to EIC in 5 years, now that's #lifepeg material. 

If you're interested to follow the footsteps of these folks, hit us an email with your CV at Can't wait to hear from you!