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En Estrada's Hot New Hobby: Gardening

Shop her brand for some evil houseplants.
En Estrada's Hot New Hobby: Gardening Shop her brand for some evil houseplants.

Your Evil Twin blogger En Estrada just launched a line of aerial and house plants under the brand ERE. Style Bible caught up with her to talk shop. You'll love her answers!

So when did your fascination with indoor gardening begin?

"I was going through a rough period of heartbreak at that time. I was looking for a new hobby I could immerse myself in. I had a choice of getting a tamagotchi or a new plant. Haha! I guess heartbreak is really the mother of inspiration."

What made you want to sell plants?


"I really want to express my art into something unique and relevant. Also, let people experience plants the same way it helped me. Plants are very resilient and responsive. Just like anything else they need care and attention. I even find myself talking to my plants when I'm alone :)"

What is the inspiration behind the line? 

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"My fascination with airplants. I'm really amazed by the way they behave. They don't need soil. You can suspend them. My work basically revolves around them."

What's the most beautiful plant you've ever seen?? Haha since you're so adventurous :) 

"I just visited Plant-in City in SoHo, NY. It's a collaboration between architects and designers who build modern day terrariums. Ive been stalking their work since late last year and was overwhelmed when I saw the installations live!"


What is it with airplants and cacti that make them so popular nowadays?

"Urban dwellers are really looking for a bit of nature indoors. We will always long for a connection with nature. We discover new ways to interact with plants."

Do you make and sell the planters too? 


"Yes! The cat planter is a bit pricey because it's handpainted. The himmelis (geometric mobiles) are made of brass tubes and take a really long time making. Soon, I'll be releasing a hanging planter made of abaca and hemp."

Shop ERE on Instagram and at Restock in Makati.

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