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A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing Pink

Because it's Wednesday.
A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing Pink Because it's Wednesday.

Ever since I named pink as one of the key men’s fashion trends of the season, I have gotten a few e-mails and Facebook messages asking me how to pull off such a girly color. There were even a few remarks saying that the color was only meant for the runway and that designers really didn’t expect straight men to wear such an effeminate color, with some even going so far to claim that they don’t want to look like Barbies. I just wanted to share my thoughts about wearing pink.


Style Bible says: That goes for guys and dolls.

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1. Choose the right shade

General rule of thumb dictates that lighter shades look better on darker men and darker pink looks better on lighter men as the light shades tend to wash them out.

2. Start with accessories

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(Superstar Supercolor in Light Pink, adidas)

Not ready to go all out? Start with accessories: a pink bowtie or a pink pocket square can really add some flair to your outfit. It’s also a great way to boost your confidence about wearing pink when the compliments start rolling in.


3. Pink shirt

(Dry seersucker short sleeve shirt, P1290, Uniqlo)

This is probably the easiest way to integrate pink into your wardrobe. Pink shirts will pretty much look dapper with any color suit you own. Try it; it pairs well with navy, grey, black, and even khakis. This look is great for the office or on dates when paired with jeans and a blazer.


4. The pink suit

I decided to go all out with a full on pink tuxedo; but take note it’s not something I’d wear every day. A pink suit screams confidence, and a rather devil-may-care attitude. It signals to those around you that you’re your own man and can rock whatever you want. Remember, pink already makes a statement so keep the rest of your outfit basic.


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