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This Girl 'Collects' Colors

She makes ROYGBIV look so basic.
This Girl 'Collects' Colors She makes ROYGBIV look so basic.

Blame the wannabe art directors in us. The Pantone Matching System - an index for colors - has been stylized into iPhone cases, folders, pouches, and other stuff that we just have to have. But, it seems we're not the only ones with a bit of a color crush.

For two years now, graphic designer Inka Mathew has been playing the role of matchmaker in her project called Tiny PMS Match, where she carefully pairs up everyday objects with their corresponding Pantone colors. On her Tumblr, she explains: “After I found the object I wanted to match, I would go through my Pantone color chips book until I found the color that matched the object’s. I placed the object on top of the chip to make sure they match in color. I used natural day light to find the right match, since indoor lighting distorts the colors. Sometimes I could find the color match fairly quickly, sometimes it took longer (several tries).”


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The photos that she’s produced so far, in all their simplicity, are nothing short of amazing. This is probably due to the fact that these so-called banal objects are magnified and even glorified; making them the unsung colourful superstars of our lives. In other words, that Lucky Charm marshmallow, your favourite red Skittle, and yes, the most millennial thing in the world—succulents, are the 21st century’s new color references.


What does this mean for us? It’s an opportunity to document memories in a new way! Imagine, “Preview Ball Burgundy” (the lipstick you wore), “Minion Yellow” (the craze is ba-nanas!), and maybe even “The Morning After Ecru” (your fez after a fun night). 

You can try this out yourself! Inka Mathew just used her iPhone, and edited the photos with Snapseed. IG potential? Yaaasss!!! Follow her feed here.

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