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A Day With The Face Hunter

Laureen Uy dishes on hanging out with Yvan Rodic.
A Day With The Face Hunter Laureen Uy dishes on hanging out with Yvan Rodic.

One afternoon during the Christmas break, Laureen Uy dropped by the office together with her sister Liz (who we were interviewing that day), Andre Chang, and none other than Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter, who was in town for a few days to look around and launch his book. It sounded like they had a full day planned with him so we asked Laureen to tell us more about her experience.

Read on to know her story then click on the photo gallery to check out photos from Laureen's day trip with Yvan!

"Liz, together with Andre Chang and I toured Yvan Rodic (of around Manila. We met up with him at Starbucks 6750 with no itinerary, so Liz asked him where he had already been.

L: "Intramuros?"

Y: "I've been there."

L: "Luneta?"

Y: "I've been there."
"Okay let's just go home then," Liz joked.

We all decided to bring him to Chinatown. Yes, we all went to Chinatown wearing the outfits you'll see in the gallery.


Right away I noticed his camera was Canon G12. It was the camera that I wanted to buy, but instead I chose Canon s90 because it's smaller and more convenient for me. I couldn't resist asking him about it. Yvan said the G12 can take photos so fast that when you review it, it almost looks like a video (that's how he takes photos by the way; he just chooses the best photo afterwards).

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We ended up walking from one place to another, and he even tried street food like hopia, puto, pastillas de leche, and ice scramble, which he said he liked.

Our first stop was at Binondo church was where he took photos of the three of us for his blog. He was very creative and artsy when he did the shoot: telling us how to pose, how to stand, where to stand exactly. Even when he was taking photos of my platform shoes, he would move my feet from time to time checking every angle.


When we got to 168 mall, Yvan got so shocked by the number of people inside and outside the mall. Of course, everyone was staring at us because of the way we dressed.

Yvan wanted to take  photos of the Jones bridge (it connects the Binondo/Chinatown/Escolta area to the center of Manila proper) and since we couldn't park on the bridge itself, we had to walk going there. When we got to the bridge, about 10-15 kids started attacking us and I'm not exaggerating. First they got Yvan's hopia and soda so we were all left with just our gadgets. The kids were pulling up my skirt, touching my behind and slapping me. One of them literally grabbed my camera and tried to snatch it away from me. I look up to see that Andre, Liz and Yvan were getting the same treatment as well. Helpless, we all hurried back to the van. On the way back we saw policemen and they shooed the kids away. What a nightmare!


After a tiring morning, we were all excited to eat. Liz explained the concept of Dampa to Yvan, about being able to choose the seafood while it was still raw and fresh and having them cook it on the spot. He was excited to try it but unfortunately, there wasn't enough time 'til his book signing at 6:00pm.

We took him to Jay-J's Chicken Inasal instead where he tried more local dishes: chicharon bulaklak, dinuguan, sinigang, lechon kawali, gising-gising, manggang hilaw at bagoong, sisig, pusit and of course, halo-halo. It was a great experience for everyone, especially for Yvan.

We took him back to his hotel at exactly 4:40pm. Then we all went our separate ways to get ready for the book signing.

We arrived late for the book signing at Fully Booked because we overslept after an action-packed morning. I wasn't able to hear Yvan talk. What a bummer. 


Even though the line was really long, I didn't get bored because I met a lot of fashionable bloggers. Yvan was kind enough to talk to each person who had their books signed. He would give tips to bloggers on how to improve their blogs and give tips photographers how to capture the right photos. I was so kilig when he wrote, "I love your style. ;)" on my book.

After four hours of writing his signature and "bongga" on books, he had dinner with the Status team and went straight to Kyss (where the after party was).

From day until night, he just kept taking pictures of everything. I admire his patience and creativity. We spent the whole night laughing and talking about everything and anything. Yvan, you will be missed.

Laureen Uy, designer (Style Break) and blogger (

Click on the photo gallery to check out photos from Laureen's day trip with Yvan!


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