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A Closer Look At The Uaap Cheerdance Competition Uniforms

We show you details we bet you didn't see on television.
A Closer Look At The Uaap Cheerdance Competition Uniforms We show you details we bet you didn't see on television.

Did you feel the storm that hit us yesterday? No, we are not talking about the heavy rainfall caused by Typhoon Luis. We’re talking about the 2014 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. With over 22,000 people in attendance, obviously, people couldn’t care less about the weather. Families, friends, schoolmates, and random fans of the competition wouldn’t stay home and miss out watching how the eight cheer squads battle it out live. 

After making history last year when they won the competition for the first time ever, the National University bagged the title for the second year in a row. Following close behind were crowd-favorite, the University of the Philippines, and tough competition, the University of Santo Tomas. Catch our attention with your style and you already get a full point in our tally sheet. Putting the performances aside, scroll down for a closer look at this year’s themed uniforms.


“Bark-to-back” happened. This year, the NU Pep Squad continued to make history by wowing us all with their flawless routine and Native American-inspired outfits.

Pocahontas would have been proud with NU's all-out fringe action, face paint, braids for the ladies, and mohawk for the men. Who would've thought her tribe could ever be an inspiration for a cheerleading routine? This is one of the "only in CDC" moments. 


All we can say about the UP Pep Squad is that they are bad ass. They were gunning for the top spot, and they fought a good fight, but their first runner-up equality-themed performance was one that surely left a mark. Only UP can think of reversing the roles and have the women carry men.

This squad is not known for conforming with the norm. Mixing edgy pleather with the colors of the rainbow to represent equality among lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders, UP clearly stood out. And of course, we cannot miss out on those fiery red corn rows that sealed the androgyny factor. 



The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe is back in the top three. Their Chinese-themed performance complete with a tiger dance (a variation of the dragon dance) solidified their comeback in the competition they once owned for years.  

Clean buns, winged eyeliners, and darkened brows(check out the guy's arches in the photo above) perfectly matched their black and gold cheongsam. We also liked how they opted to use the symbol of their school mascot, the tiger, at the back of their uniforms instead of going with the usual growling tiger's face. 


The FEU Cheering Squad channeled Chun-li from Street Fighter in their Far East Asian-themed performance. They didn’t make it to the podium this year, but they did put on a good show.

Keeping it simple in a yellow one-piece suit, FEU left all the drama-making to their props and makeup. We appreciate how they played around with different colored eye shadows, a punchy lippie, and Chun-Li's signature buns, the "ox horns". 


THE DLSU Animo Squad travelled to space this year. Complete with music from Star Wars, the out-of-this-world performance filled with high tosses and stable pyramids was made complete with those lightsabers.

Like any other guardian of the galaxy, the Animo Squad did not forget to inject space-aged day glow into their outfits. Props to DLSU for thinking outside of the box.


If DLSU travelled to space, Ateneo’s Blue Babble Battalion tried to conquer the seven seas in their sailor-inspired routine. Although the performance wasn’t exactly what they hoped for, we still see potential in this rookie team (there were 16 cheer newbies in this group!) for next year.  

This year the BBB put the naughty in the nautical via the cropped sailor top. Of course, the theme wouldn't be complete without navy stripes, white and blue pleats, neckerchiefs, big bows on their curled half ponies, and red lippies. 



Their pirate-inspired routine, complete with treasure chests and Pirates of the Caribbean music, was definitely a close call to Ateneo’s navy. But what set the Adamson Pep Squad completely apart from the others was their all-heart performance.

Sleek pony tails and lined eyes matched Adamson's cropped stripes with cutouts (we're not just talking about their abs) and blue trousers combo. The pleather wrap that gave accent to their top was the same material used to get the effect that they're wearing actual boots. It wasn't seen in the camera, but under it, they were still wearing rubber shoes. 


The UE Pep Squad looked to the south and saw the beauty in the costumes of our very own Muslim brothers and sisters. Opening this year’s CDC, UE gave it their best in their tribal music and malongs

Only UE thought of using embellishments this year. Their adorned clean bun added the regal feel of the Muslims, while the gold and red embellishments gave the ombre one-piece suit more pizzazz. 

We've got more photos! Go ahead, click on the gallery to see.

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Photos by: Ryan Ong