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A Bag Made of Paper But Looks and Feels Like Leather

And it’s washable, too!
A Bag Made of Paper But Looks and Feels Like Leather And it’s washable, too!

Sounds too good to be true? It does sound like an oxymoron; but it exists.

Marrying traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Uashmama is an Italian brand that creates a range of products made of washable paper with the texture of leather. Marco Marconi, the innovator behind the family-run business, first stumbled upon the material called cellulose fiber and took great strides to research and develop ways on how this could be used. After several experiments, he later found out that it can be stretched and tanned to withstand washing and daily use. They then decided on the name Uashmama—"uash" because the paper products can be washed while "mama" is an homage to the family's matriarch.

The brand started with bread bags, which are very much a part of the Italian’s daily life, giving the humble brown paper a facelift while bridging the gap between style and sustainability. Talk to us about eco-friendly design and we’re all ears.

Soon after, Uashmama extended its product range to home, table, and fashion lines. Everything is made in Italy (by local artisans) using the virgin fiber from cultivation; therefore not contributing to deforestation. They also use vegetable dye and mimosa vegetable extract for tanning.

What’s even better news? Well, we don’t have to book a trip to Italy to get our hands on the bags. Uashmama is now available online via

Below, a sampling of their products:

Paper Bag, P800 for the small, P1050 for the medium, P1200 for the large, P1600 for the large plus

Use it your way: For storage, a plant pot cover, bread bag, container for fruits, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, or makeup brushes, the list can go on!

To maintain its quality, Uashmama products can be washed with warm water and mild soap or detergent, then dried flat. It's also worth noting that given the proper care, these bags can last for as long as your other leather goods.


Tracolla Matte Pochette, P2800

Lunch Bag Matte, P2900

Otti Metallic, P4500

Giulia Metallic, P5000

Capri Matte, P3900

Memmo Backpack Matte, P6500