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The #DynamiteDanceChallenge Is Reviving '70s Fashion and We're All for It

This #TikTok dance craze is making people dress up at the comforts of their home.
The #DynamiteDanceChallenge Is Reviving '70s Fashion and We're All for It
IMAGE Patricia Gabay, Instagram/itsyohomegirl
This #TikTok dance craze is making people dress up at the comforts of their home.

When a song makes you want to put on a killer outfit even in the confines of your bedroom or living room, it must be a bop. BTS’ "Dynamite" has definitely topped the charts all over the world, but it has also conquered TikTok. And we all know how TikTokers love jamming to a groovy track that comes with catchy dance moves.

That said, not all TikTok dance challenges require a statement ‘fit to match, but "Dynamite" is an exception. The retro-powered single features an equally stylish music video where the septet wore outfits reminiscent of the '70s and '90s. However, their Gucci and Saint Laurent looks in the second chorus and bridge of the video standout, and they’ve been donning flared trousers (in denim and corduroy no less), oversized collared shirts, earth-toned vests, and statement buckled belts for their live performances of the song. So it’s only fitting to do the same if you’re dancing along to it right?



It’s honestly been fun to see everyone dance to "Dynamite" in clothes they’ve probably either borrowed from their parents or even shopped for just to get the look. But it’s refreshing to see how music has influenced a generation, who have probably never lived through that era, to dress up in the quintessential style that defined that fun and fashionable decade. If this is any indication, it proves how trends come and go and simply come back again in a more contemporary or modern way years later.

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Below, we asked members of the Preview Clique Yma, Yasmeen, Gaps and Mika to take on the challenge in their "Dynamite"-inspired 'fits on Preview’s TikTok!

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