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This 90-Year-Old Instagram Star Has Better Street Style Game Than You

More proof that fashion knows no age.
This 90-Year-Old Instagram Star Has Better Street Style Game Than You
More proof that fashion knows no age.

Meet Moon Lin. She's a 90-year-old rising social media star from the streets of Taiwan, and she's out to prove that fashion—particularly street style—has no age requirement. 

On her Instagram account, she has amassed over 92,000 followers since she started in May 2017. From her feed, you can spot her rocking a mix of brands like Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, Adidas, Nike, Puma, and her absolute favorite, Taiwanese brand A A Stairs (ALT).

Moon Lin shares in an interview with HypeBae that her no-nonsense attitude towards dressing up stems from her maturity. "I’m 90 years old. I want to be able to do whatever I want to do, wear comfortable clothes that have the color and the style I like, and to not worry about what others are thinking," she said.

Surprisingly, Moon Lin hasn't always been into fashion. In fact, in her mid-80s, she barely had any motivation to get out of bed. But things took a good turn after she became interested in clothes to express herself. She opens up, "After I started to learn how to dress myself up, buy the things I like, I started to feel excitement in the morning. I like dressing up and taking photos."


Hence, the birth of her Instagram account and subsequent online fame. She treats the platform as her personal diary where she documents her fashion journey. 

Despite the pressure of social media, Moon Lin remains unfazed. She's certain of her sartorial decisions and the image she wants to portray. "They can see me however they wish to see me. That’s the best part about being 90 years old—no one can tell me what to do," she quips.

Cheers to that, Moon Lin!