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9 Ways to Wear the Blues

Stock your closet with these denim staples.
9 Ways to Wear the Blues

Denim is probably the most versatile textile at a fashion girl’s disposal. From your favorite ripped jeans to an inky indigo pair perfect for evening bar crawls, there’s no occasion to small or too big to escape from denim’s styling possibilities. Here, we outline some of the ways to incorporate denim into your wardrobe.

The T-Shirt Dress

Denim T-shirt dress, P899.75, SM WOMAN

A dress shirt in denim is the easiest way to exude a relaxed vibe. Pair one with heels for dressy smart casual, or add on a pair of sneakers for that weekend look.

The Dark Trouser

Gray sweater, P599.75 and blue trousers, P799.75, both SM WOMAN

Not all denim days involve denim, you can easily take a denim-hued piece and substitute it in a combo you’d normally wear. These dark trousers, for instance, mimic dark wash denim and bring a more tailored look to the outfit.

The Denim Vest

Extended neck sweater, P799.75; skirt, P799.75 and denim vest, P899.75, all SM WOMAN

Layering is key in this look. Thrown over an office-appropriate ensemble, you’ll be able to wear denim way before casual Friday.

The Denim Polo

White tank top, P199.75; denim button-down, P599.75 and ripped denim jeans, P799.75, all SM WOMAN

The denim polo deserves a place in your closet. Why? Its real selling point is versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down, wear it draped over your shoulders or tied around your waist, there won’t be a week when you won’t reach for this piece.

Ripped Jeans

Sweater, P599.75 and frayed jeans, P799.75, both SM WOMAN

Wear a pair of frayed jeans with a basic look for some grunge appeal, or juxtapose them against a feminine top. One thing’s for sure, though, ripped denim adds heaps of personality.

White Denim Shorts

Sweater, P699.75 and white denim shorts, P499.75, both SM WOMAN

Give your Daisy Dukes a facelift by purchasing a pair in crisp white. Not only does it inject a bit of polish to your look, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort, either.

Cropped Jeans

Striped shirt, P599.75 and cropped pants, P699.75, both SM WOMAN

For that Parisian flair we all crave, a pair of cropped jeans paired with some sensible flats make a good Sunday outfit, all you need to do is add a red lip and you’re all set.

The Canadian Tuxedo

White tank top, P249.75; denim vest, P899.75 and lightwashed jeans, P699.75, all SM WOMAN

Though tricky, denim on denim is an interesting look when done correctly. One tip? Add one item that breaks up the sea of blue. A white tank top not only ties the look in with the white sneakers, but also balances out your top and bottom.

Dark Denim

T-shirt, P399.75 and dark jeans, P699.75, both SM WOMAN

Upgrade your t-shirt and denim combo by sporting a dark wash pair of jeans for a look that screams girl-on-the-go.

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