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9 Things You Have to Deal With When Your Boyfriend Is a Sneakerhead

He takes shoe shopping seriously.
9 Things You Have to Deal With When Your Boyfriend Is a Sneakerhead He takes shoe shopping seriously.

Is your boyfriend one of those diehard shoeaholics who'll line up for 12 hours just to be the first to get his hands on the newest release of Yeezy Boosts? Is he the type to know your Air Max size with just one glance at your feet? Will he be willing to travel miles (even overseas) just to score a collectible pair of Balenciaga kicks? Then it’s confirmed—your man’s a certified sneakerhead.

Below, several things that only a girl with a sneakerhead boyfriend knows too well.

1. He doesn’t check out chicks. Instead, he stares down at other people’s “lust-worthy” kicks.


"Wow. Look at his shoes! Wait, no, be discreet," he whispers, and then immediately tells you what those shoes are called and how much they cost.

2. He disses sad sneaker choices.

He doesn't hold back when it comes to criticizing pairs with weird designs, outrageous color combinations, and cheap materials. He's also disgusted by imitations (who isn't, though?), and he shakes his head in distaste for people who tolerate and proudly wear fakes.

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3. You get impressed by his knowledge on random facts about footwear.

Just like your fashionista friend who can go on and on about who's who in the industry and what the current trends are, he can have the most fascinating trivia with bits of history regarding sneakers. He’ll randomly tell you stuff like which decade it was when those adidas Stan Smiths first came out, which pairs get sold like hotcakes, and which ones are OG faves.


4. He more than willingly shares his opinions whenever you buy your own pair.

You love the fact that he takes shopping seriously—especially when you seek his expertise. He'll browse through catalogs, online forums, and shoe review sites. He will go beyond design and will find the perfect footwear that suits you based on your built and the arch of your feet. He'll even make sure you get premium value for money.


5. Mall trips won’t be complete without stopping by a sneaker store.

He actually craves going to the mall because of his sneaker obsession—probably to see if the high-cut Kobes have been restocked or to finally get the Reebok trainers he's been eyeing for weeks.

6. Sometimes, he has impulse buys


Okay, fine, a lot of impulse buys.

7. He plays favorites.


There are pairs that he a favors more than the others and some which rarely see the light of day. Sometimes, they only get to be worn once or twice.

8. It can take him forever to decide on which pair to wear for the day.

"Is this okay?" he asks six to eight times. He then switches to a different pair of shoes to match his outfit or vice versa. There will be instances when he'll air his doubts throughout the day, and he'll feel so restless about the thought that he chose the wrong jeans, the too unconventional pair of shorts, or some ugly printed socks that don’t go well with his kicks. He’ll try on sandals, slip-ons, and other casual shoes, too, but he’ll end up wearing his favorite sneakers from Vans or Nike.


9. There's nothing more attractive than when he’s 100% confident about his #OOTD.

This guy’s got style, and you love him for it.

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