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9 New Ways to Tie Your Scarf

For your travel OOTDs.
9 New Ways to Tie Your Scarf
For your travel OOTDs.

Having the privilege of living in a tropical country can have its drawbacks, one of them being never having to experience chilly temperatures. So when the opportunity to jet off to a colder locale presents itself, us island gals have a little trouble navigating our way through dressing for the cold. One such challenge is scarf tying. Sure, most of us know how to use one, after all how hard is it  to wrap a piece of fabric around your neck, right? But, you see, scarf tying is an art in itself and presents a myriad of ways to style the piece of fabric. 

Below are nine new ways of scarf-tying to add to your reportoire. Your lesson begins here:  

The Side Bow

This acts as protection from wind chill in the blistering cold.

The Braid

An intricate series of tucks, this style forms a hefty knot under the chin with two loose ends draped across your coat.


The Girl's Cravat

If there's one thing we can borrow from the boys, it's the sophisticated look of a cravat.

The Belt Tuck

A great option if you want to incorporate your scarf with your outerwear.

The Twist and Knot

This twisted style can be done to create a thinner and less bulky appearance for your scarf.

The Ripple

This option is for those who prefer a square scarf.

The Bandana

Don't have a square scarf? Try this trick for rectangular scarves for a similar result.

The Waterfall Knot

This one's great if you feel like tossing one end of your scarf jauntily over your shoulder.

The Low Bow

This last one is for days when you want to give your scarf extra attention as the focal point of your outfit.

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