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The DJ who's way cooler than you think she is!
GIRL CRUSH: DJ EVA SHAW The DJ who's way cooler than you think she is!

A tall, modelesque lady walked across the Palace Pool Club to get into one of the cabanas. She was dressed in a tank top, denim cut-offs with a checkered polo tied around her waist. She was a definite standout, but she seemed oblivious. She came off as a little shy, that alone got us intrigued.

Eva Shaw, formerly known as Bambi, started her DJ career in New York, now she plays music alongside the greats like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, and more. How badass is she?!

Style Bible chatted with her before her performance to get to know this hot lady (Yes, totally girl-crushing!) and her fascination for random things like Isaw and mascara. Not together, of course! *wink*


How did you get into music? How did you realize that “Yeah, this is what I want to do!”?

I have been interested in music since I was 6 years old, probably. I had a little keyboard and I used to play with the keyboard and make music. And then I was singing a lot and I performed like Musical Theatre. And I took a few lessons on instruments like piano and guitar. My dad is a musician, so I always would do something musical.

When did you start being a DJ?

I started making music probably around the same time that I started DJ-ing. I had a program and I was in Toronto, where I am from, and I was modeling a little bit, but not so much because I was a little young. So yeah, I started making music on my computer, a little bit, and then I went to a show and the DJ that was playing wanted me to go on and DJ, so I went on for just like 10 minutes and then the club owner ended up booking me. [It was like a debut, right?] Yeah, but it wasn’t really planned!

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What are you looking forward to when you perform at Close Up Forever Summer tonight?

I’ve never been here before, so I have no idea what to expect. But I did sound check earlier and the venue looks really nice. The equipment was brand new and it sounded really nice, so I’m expecting a lot of energy.

Since you mentioned that this is your first time here, is there anything that you have tried since you got here?

I just got here late last night, so I haven’t really done anything yet.

Is there something you want to try when it comes to cuisine?

We were just talking in the car on our way here and we talked about what you guys eat and the different things, so I heard about the intestines (isaw) [Really? That’s what they shared?] Yeah, apparently, that’s what I have to try. Haha. They will bring some to the festival later!


[Ed’s note: We totally suggested that she tries the mangoes here. A la Sean O’Pry.]

Of all the cities that you have ever played in, which one is your favorite?

Oh my God! I mean, I really started my DJ career in New York, so for me that city is always gonna be special. That’s also where I started growing my fan base and everything. But I like playing in different places all the time because you’ll never know—people like different stuff as well, it’s kinda interesting seeing different venues and cities. And people!


Do you tweak your music on the spot when you’re in a new venue?

I used to! I used to be more all over the place, but now that I’m making a lot of my music. I make pretty energetic (beats) and harder stuff, so that’s usually what I am playing. So, yeah, I think when you have more of your own productions, your set ends up being one style whereas when you start DJ-ing, you can be more creative, I guess. But yeah, I still change it a little bit!

Your style is very edgy and badass. Are your performance outfits similar to your off-duty look?

 I’d say it’s pretty similar! Off-stage, I’d say I dress a little more girly like I’d wear heels because I really like heels and I would never wear that DJ-ing. Haha. So I try to be a little more low key when I DJ, but still the same idea. I like cool shirts and leather! Leather pants!


How do you usually pick outfits for your tour? How do manage packing? (Heh!)

It’s really difficult! I usually end up shopping when I have time. Sometimes, people send me things like designers and stuff. And I’m working on a deal with a clothing line that’s coming up, which I am designing so I’m gonna be wearing that all the time next year, pretty much. But I can’t tell you what it is yet! [Giggles]

We also noticed that your makeup is really amazing! So, tell us, do you do your own makeup?

Yeah, I do! I do my own makeup unless I have a photo shoot or something. But for shows, I just do it!

Is there a certain beauty product that you can’t live without?
I would say its mascara! I always wear mascara because my eyelashes are kinda blonde! So I kinda darken them.  There is this L’Oreal one that I really like, when you put water on it, it comes off in tubes! Do it doesn’t smear on your face, so it could be raining and nothing will ever happen! I was doing a photo shoot and the makeup artist used it but didn’t tell me so I was washing my face after and in the sink, it looked like my eyelashes came off. Haha. But actually it was the tubes coming out!


So, we’re also a fan of your voluminous hair (she jokingly flips her ponytail when we said this!), so tell us if it’s a styling trick or is there a certain product that you use?
My hair is really curly naturally, so it’s pretty crazy on its own. If anything, I try to keep it down a little bit, because it can get crazy! But if I wanna make it really big, it helps being somewhere humid like the Philippines, I flip my hair over and blow dry with my head upside down and then scrunch it! You can use any kind of mousse and make it big! Or extensions!


Your selfie game is really strong! Since a lot of people like taking selfies in the Philippines, any tips on how to do it right?

Oh wow! First of all, have a good camera, yeah, like a good phone camera. I think natural light is probably the best. And not to look like you’re trying to hard or being too serious that you look… I dunno! I’ve seen some selfies that are pretty intense. So yeah, just be natural and be yourself because people like seeing that!

She sounds like a darling, huh? That’s because she is! And if you heard, she performed an amazing set for all of us last Saturday! We definitely can’t wait to hear more of her music and that fashion line that she is currently working on!

‘Til next time, Eva! 

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