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8 Washed Out Instagram Feeds

We're seeing black, white, and fifty shades of grey.
8 Washed Out Instagram Feeds We're seeing black, white, and fifty shades of grey.

With multiple editing apps that are readily available for downloading, it's a given fact that members of today's generation tend to become artsy fartsy when it comes to managing their social media accounts. Nowadays, it's possible to turn an ordinary iPhone user into a pro Instagrammer. But if you really want to be a member of the elite circle, the cool new trend suggests that your ticket to the club should be a clean, minimalist, and washed-out grid. 

Below, we list down eight fashion girls who can totes serve as your insta-pegs!

1. Andie Javelosa (@andiej_)

Liz Uy’s assistant has obviously learned a thing or two from her when it comes to style. Because even on Instagram, Andie Javelosa’s aesthetic can be described as clean and chic.

Expect to see: Her MacBook, her breakfast, and occasionally, BTS photos of your favorite celebs.

2. Camie Juan (@camiejuan)


We’ve seen Camie Juan change her hair color from platinum blonde, to pastel hues, and now to ash brown. But if there’s anything that has been consistent since day one, it’s clearly this blogger’s well-curated IG grid.

Expect to see: Nature shots, drawings, and aww-worthy snaps with her boyfriend, Gab.

3. Rhea Bue (@iamthedoll)

Rhea Bue may already be a familiar face in the fashion blogging biz, but do you know that she’s actually a social media specialist by day? No wonder she’s so skilled at keeping her photos always double-tap worthy.

Expect to see: Coffee and calligraphy snaps in between her many #OOTDs.

4. Raiza Poquiz (@misspopquiz)


Apparently, Raiza Poquiz’s #OOTDs aren’t the only ones worthy of an insta-heart. This style blogger also caught our attention with her minimalist style and washed-out IG feed.

Expect to see: Chanel and other pretty things.

5. Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit)

With almost 300k followers on Instagram, we can all agree that this international fashion blogger takes her account seriously. As you can see, every photo uploaded has a certain look and style that resonates throughout her entire grid.

Expect to see: The grandeur of Paris, plus random shots of her chubby cat Ashy.

6. Liz Dumdum (@lizdumdum)

Looking at her stylish (and often hubadera) #OOTDs on Instagram, one could never guess that this fashionphile actually works for Malacañang. But then again, maintaining a feed like hers is no child’s play either.


Expect to see: A monochrome obsession.

7. Kookie Buhain (@kookiebuhain)

The blogger behind Death By Platforms just gave us another reason to virtually stalk her. Apart from drooling over her #shoefies, we also can’t help but take a peek at her travel diary.

Expect to see: Palm trees, tempting waves, and her bikini body.

8. Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre)

This social media-savvy star tries to keep her IG feed color-coordinated as much as possible. When she fronted Preview’s November 2014 issue, she even admitted to us in an interview, “Most of my photos are taken during the day para maliwanag. I prefer seeing blue.”


Expect to see: Her on-screen partner James Reid, if you’re lucky.