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8 Reasons Why We'll Miss Karlie Kloss On The Victoria's Secret Runway

Once an Angel, always an Angel.
8 Reasons Why We'll Miss Karlie Kloss On The Victoria's Secret Runway Once an Angel, always an Angel.

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Yes, it’s true—Karlie Kloss is flying off to college! The 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel is set to enter New York University this fall, and so she had to give up her famed set of wings. After watching her strut for the lingerie giant for four years, excuse us if we’re still having a difficult time absorbing the fact this blonde beauty will no longer be a part of next year’s VS Fashion Show. Here, we list down the reasons why we will definitely miss Karlie Kloss donning wings on the runway.

1. She kinda makes us believe that anything is possible.

Though she looks like an Angel sent from above, she claims to be an "ordinary" human being, and we bet this quote sparked a ray of hope for all the other tall, lanky, and awkward supermodel-wannabes out there.

2. She trains like an Angel.


It’s not all roses and champagne. Karlie works hard for that million dollar body, mind you.

3. And apparently, she eats carbs.

Uh-huh! In fact, she not only snacks on cookies, she bakes them, too! Even supermodels gotta live a little, you know.

4. This Angel loves to work and play.

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Our proof? Her wacky backstage photos!

5. Though you’ve got to admit, she looks super hot with wings!

Whether she’s armed with dragonfly flappers or a set made with 18-karat gold, this blonde bombshell never fails to fire up the VS Fashion Show every time she walks down that sparkly runway.

6. Once an Angel, always an Angel.

We know it’s sad, but here’s to hoping that their friendship is beyond lingerie and all that glitters.

7. Her last VS Fashion Show triggered lots of #feels.

She posted a photo with Victoria’s Secret senior creative Edward Razek, and the caption read: “This man makes dreams come true. He can turn an ordinary girl like me into an Angel.” Aww!


8. The Victoria’s Secret class picture will never be the same again.

Oh, Karlie, you will be missed. XOX