8 Phases Every Fashion Girl Outgrows StyleBible Preview

8 Phases Every Fashion Girl Outgrows

Yves Saint Laurent did say, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”
8 Phases Every Fashion Girl Outgrows

Nailing that #TBT post can be quite tricky. Not look deep enough and you’ll be accused of simply wanting to show off your glowing selfie that you forgot to post a week ago. Stray too far into the past, and you’ll open the floodgates of regrettable photos that are too shameful to share. But while you’re at it, mark the passing of time with these 8 phases that are all too familiar.

1. Basic bitching

You’ve just learned the possibilities of styling or maybe vintage shopping. You discover fashion and start with the basics—celebrities and the omnipresent bodycon. Herve Leger is a designer after all, no? Um, we’re not going to even dignify that with a response. 

2. Heavy makeup

Wherever beauty is, fashion does not fall far behind. Your exploits into the world of high street clothing brands and masstige designer labels, will also bring you to the makeup counter. Racoon eyes by way of smudged mascara, caking 24-hour foundation and red-stained teeth are all part of the learning curve to perfecting that no-makeup makeup look.

3. Hoarding 

Pretty much self-explanatory. Once you’ve got the dough to fund your wants, it’ll be hard to decide which wants you really want-want and which wants you just want for the next 5 days.

4. Weather inappropriate dressing

Fashion has four seasons, but the Philippines only has two. Your lust for fall/winter coats will overpower the logical side of your brain and you will decide that nothing as inconsequential as 40-degree weather can stop you from wearing whatever you damn well please.

5. Maximalism

Gone are the days of piling everything on. Arm parties are now frowned upon and seen as the fashion crime of indecision. A little extravagance and excess will never go out of style but maximalism as a trend is a ship that has sailed.

6. Minimalism 

It’s not about your tone-on-tone neutrals. Minimalism is a philosophy, more than it is a passing trend. If you’ve got a closet full of black sweaters and white culottes, you’re guilty of copping the look but not the lifestyle. No worries, this too shall pass. 

7. Dress code inappropriate

Aka hubadera. It’s fine to enjoy your youth; in fact, you should savor it. There’s no harm in showing a little sideboob. Relish the fact that you can still get away with it.

8. Buzzer Beater

Not quite a phase and not quite something to be over with—beat the clock with a daily regimen that will keep you looking young and fresh well into your thirties. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize, should be your maxim. Layer your skincare like a pro with The Body Shop’s Oils of Life line. Remember: It’s cleanser, toner, serum, face oil, and moisturizer in that order. You’ll thank us for that dewy glow that needs no strobing cream.

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