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Still Bitter Ocampo? Follow These Hilarious Parody Accounts

Fashion is a cutthroat business but these personas teach us how to take it all with a grain of salt.
Still Bitter Ocampo? Follow These Hilarious Parody Accounts Fashion is a cutthroat business but these personas teach us how to take it all with a grain of salt.

The internet and social media give a whole new meaning to the word power in the 21st century. Fans being able to communicate with their idols is a huge part of it, but more importantly, the world wide web serves as a platform for people to showcase their talents. Some, although they choose to conceal their identities, are very gifted in the art of wit. Follow these wordsmiths gifted with epic comedic timing and we assure you, you'll find yourself laughing alone while facing your phone or monitor somewhere between stressful meetings, final exams, and fittings.

Name: Superstarmarian

Follower count: 258k

Bio: I'm a Psychology. I'm a pantasy (Unveryfive acct)

There was honestly a point where we thought this was Marian Rivera's real Twitter account. Whoops! Follow her if you don't want the truths in life sugarcoated.  

Name: Miriamlines

Follower count: 405k

Bio: The reigning Queen of sarcasm. | Not in any way affiliated to Sen. Miriam Santiago #StupidIsForever

The sarcastic Senator tells it how she sees it.  Her jokes and cruel honesty are so popular to twittizens, we probably saw about three more parody accounts all dedicated to her. 

Name: TitasOfManila

Follower Count: 17.7k

Bio: doing things that titas do

What can we say? We love our tita! She brings out the inner tita in all of us.  

Name: @Senyora 

Follower count: 1.38M

Bio: maganda • mayaman • haciendera • pumapatay ng malandi • reyna ng corned beef • galit sa walang dede •maganda ulit 

One thing we learned from Senyora Santibanez? You have got to be cruel to be kind. 

Name: ManilaConyos

Follower count: 49.4k

Bio: I'm no bourgeois, dude.

Hilarious tweets all from the conyotic breed of the metro.  

Name: surisburnbook

Follower count: 101k

Bio: A study in Suri and the people who disappoint her.

Hey! Ellie is not the only stylish child with a burn book. Kate and Tom's Suri is the original pseudo brat. 


Name: TheBWaldorf

Follower count: 91.9k

Bio: People follow me. I do not follow others. Being a follower is for the religious, the superstitious and the lower class.

Because we miss her so much and we all need some daily Blair Waldorf wisdom.

Name: Carrie_Bradsh4w

Follower count: 657k

Bio: Author, Writer & Louboutins/Jimmy Choos lover! I like my money right where I can see it... Hanging in my closet. 

Because you can always look up to the chic New Yorker to give you a reason to shop and drink wine for no reason.  

Name: Daminghugot

Follower count: 66.2 k

Bio: Ang taong mahilig lumingon sa nakaraan, maraming paghuhugutan. #DamingHugot

Because everything is so true it hurts. You can also pick one to regram to join this week's #SBMoodBoard Challenge

Name: Bitter Ocampo

Bio: Para sa lahat ng umasa, pinaasa, nasaktan, nabigo, nasawi, lumuha, niloko, umibig subalit hindi inibig. Para sa lahat ng bitter. #WalangForever

Because sometimes we need that friend who will support our immature rants and sometimes bitter hearts. #feels