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8 DIY Ideas to Hop on the Patch Trend

You can never wear too many.
8 DIY Ideas to Hop on the Patch Trend You can never wear too many.

Patches—they’ve been everywhere lately! They're like stickers in a fashionista's wardrobe. Taking cues from bloggers, street style stars, and stylish celebrities, we've picked up some tips as to where these cute little things can be used on. Be ready to go on a DIY mode and think beyond your usual denim jacket. Fashion just got more fun!

1. Denim jacket

What makes the denim jacket so perfect for ornamentation is its versatility—anything will look good on it. You could either be a minimalist or a maximalist. It doesn’t hurt to add a rainbow or a unicorn here and there. 

Blogger Chiara Ferragni: business in the front, party in the back. We're loving this collage-like beautiful mess.

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2. Bomber jacket

Leave it to Gucci's Alessandro Michele to take patchwork to a chic new level. Get inspired by their personal take on the trend and make your bomber jacket uniquely yours by adding your initials. (Hint: get your bae to do it too. #matchymatchy)


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3. Shorts

Here's a way to get heads turning: plaster the back pockets of your denim cutoffs. Plus points if you could find patches with tongue-in-cheek statements. 

4. Jeans

We're sure you've seen this one in a couple of stores already, but why buy when you could do it yourself? This will not only give your wardrobe a trendy update but will also paradoxically give off a very "I'm into vintage and IDGAF" vibe. Very millennial.

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5. Bags

Caution: This one's not for the faint of heart. Of medium difficulty, bags (especially leather ones) make a case for a tough project. But, it'll be worth it.

6. Sneakers

DIY-ing sneakers? Yup, it’s always a good idea to go old-school. Check out those Chucks decked out in yummy food! Now, where to find emoji patches? 

7. Overalls

Get playful and imagine how your young(er), Carebear-loving, All That Show-addicted self would style this fun denim one-piece. 

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We're totally digging how Kiernan Shipka rocked this Valentino denim co-ords embroidered with butterflies.

8. Sheer dress

Ready for a challenge? Let's see if your style stamina can #werq a layered look—care of a sheer dress with enough flowers for next spring. Susie Bubble would approve!

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