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8 Colorific Instagram Feeds

This is how you can add more color to your life.
8 Colorific Instagram Feeds This is how you can add more color to your life.

We gave you a list of fashion girls with washed out feeds to virtually stalk on Instagram if you’re on a quest to becoming an elite member of the social media circle. However, if black, white, and fifty shades of grey don’t really strike your fancy, here’s another option which you may find more suitable to your vivid taste. Is a highly-saturated and vibrant grid more your cup of tea? Below, feed your appetite with our list of IG users who can instantly score double-taps with flying colors.

Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl)

There’s no way we can discuss vivid colored grids without the name Nicole Warne being brought to the table. From dusk ‘til dawn, this international blogger has no problem keeping even her random snaps as editorial-worthy as her #OOTDs.

Expect to see: Oh, you mean apart from her breathtaking photographs? Exclusive scenes from NYFW.

Kim Jones (@kimcamjones)


This top blogger unleashes her super chic aesthetic not only on her blog but also on her Instagram account a.k.a. her online travel diary. Her Parisian style isn’t the only one worthy of the hype though, because we also can’t help but fall in love with her feed that’s bursting with color.

Expect to see: The Eiffel Tower, lots of roses, plus some cheesy snaps with her husband Jericho Rosales.

Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage)

Go on a virtual adventure with this ultimate boho gal. Be it in the city or in some paradise across the globe, consider Jessica Stein’s vibrant Instagram the instant tour guide that can bring you to spectacular places.

Expect to see: Golden sunsets and clear blue skies.

Melissa Gatchalian (@sartorialpanda)


Melissa Gatchalian was hailed as Instagram’s suggested user not just once but twice. Why, you ask? Well, if you check out her colorful yet well-curated grid, each one of her photographs can speak for itself.

Expect to see: Well-organized #flatlay snaps and #OOTDs taken against plain walls.

Mari Jasmine (@mari_jasmn)

We told you to watch out for this fresh face this 2015. But apparently, Mari Jasmine’s fascinating charm isn’t the only thing that deserves your attention. One look at her feed will also make you want to follow her on Instagram, stat!

Expect to see: Mouth-watering (yet healthy) recipes which she whipped up on her own. No kidding.

Camille Co (@itscamilleco)


Think our local style bloggers can’t be at par with the most colorful Instagram feeds in the entire bloggersphere? We think not. For one, Camille Co’s vibrant posts are just as double-tap worthy!

Expect to see: #OOTDs, foodstagram posts, travel diary, and her blogger besties.

Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie)

Just like Camille, Kryz Uy also has a thing for bold colors and high contrast when it comes to editing her photos. Landscape shots, #OOTDs, and Instagram-worthy cups of coffee? Check, check, check!

Expect to see: Once again, #OOTDs, foodstagram posts, travel diary, and her blogger besties. 

Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)


And finally, to complete #TheTrio, we also noticed that Laureen Uy’s IG grid is oozing with color and very well-edited snaps.

Expect to see: Yup, you guessed it—#OOTDs, foodstagram posts, travel diary, and her blogger besties.