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7 Stylish Filipino Jetsetters: New York

Greetings from the Big Apple.
7 Stylish Filipino Jetsetters: New York Greetings from the Big Apple.

With all the photos we see on Humans of New York, we’ve come across a handful of stylish individuals with great stories to tell. Today, we check up on seven of our own countrymen whose sartorial choices stand out from the rest of the fashion pack braving the streets of NYC. Let’s begin.

1. Betina Ocampo

The designer, whose eponymous line of luxury t-shirts is being sold at Barneys, Nordstrom, and Harvey Nichols, has been dubbed by Elle as one of the “Most Stylish Women of New York.

2. Rumples Estacio-Miranda

The designer and co-proprietor at the defunct Almost Famous boutique became a retail merchandising intern at Miu Miu and is now an assistant merchandiser at a childrenswear label. She now shuffles between Manila and New York with her photographer husband.

3. Regina Puno

With her offbeat sense of style, it’s hard not to miss this graphic and web designer braving the busy streets.


4. Josh Lao

Having interned at Interview, Josh is a real life pre-SATC Carrie Bradshaw. Ferosha coutura and all.

5. Ivy Kirzhner

Shoe designer Ivy is more than committed when it comes to putting her brand out there. Because when Beyoncé knows of your existence and your shoe makes it to the cover of Footwear News, then you must be doing something right.

6. Izzy Tuason

Freelance writer and stylist and face behind, Izzy may have outgrown his bowtie phase but we still think his faded blue jeans and current dad-core style are mighty fine and, well, dandy.

7. Third Fernandez

According to her IG bio, she’s an Asian girl who makes clothes. She also happens to have the sharpest jawlines out there. Careful now, don’t cut yourself.

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