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7 Stylephiles You See On Instagram

So, who will you double tap for?
7 Stylephiles You See On Instagram So, who will you double tap for?

It seems like everybody owns a camera phone. With a camera phone, it’s so easy to document your lives…even if it means taking snapshots of your most mundane activities. And yes, we know you’re taking secret selfies, too! But when you’re able to capture that perfect shot, of course you share it for the world to see. That’s when Instagram comes in. Throw in the right filter, come up with a witty caption, post and suddenly you’re there staring at your phone, fingers crossed hoping to get a good number of likes and comments.

But don’t worry, you’re not ridiculously obsessive! We’re all secretly crazy Instagram users. We’ve even listed the top five types of people we see on Instagram. So, who will you double tap for?

The Selfie Queen


After about at least 20 takes of varying expressions and angles, the selfie queen is finally be able to capture the perfect selfie (which probably looks similar to the first one she took). She’ll add in a little Sierra or Valencia, Google a witty quote about life, add it as a caption and she’s ready to post! Whether she’d be working the pouty face or the #nomakeup look, the Selfie queen is definitely always giving Kim K. a run for her money.

The Crazy Hashtagger

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Does the crazy hashtagger even know what the hashtag is for? For everyone’s information, it’s actually for people to find posts of the same topic. So dear crazy hashtagger, we’re glad you feel #blessed and we commend you on your #nofilter photo, but #seriously #what #is #the #point #of #this? #Please #stop.



You can’t forget about this one! We have to commend the dedication they have in documenting their day-to-day outfits! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day at the park or a night out with friends, they’ll give their followers all the details on what they’re wearing. They were also probably the first ones you saw in boyfriend jeans and white Birks—and you never thought such outfit could actually look good until you saw Ms. #OOTD!

The #Fitspo


Whether it's a gym mirror selfie or a before-and-after collage, the #Fitspo Instagram users post to document fitness routines and accomplishments. If they're confident enough, they'll add in a caption of how much they've benched or how many pounds they've lost. Photos of your new Flyknits and their fruit bowl for breakfast with captions like #youcandoit and #gamefaceon are included here.

The Artist


From Afterlight to VSCO Cam, the Artists knows that built-in Instagram filters are for beginners. They spend a little more time adding the white frame, perfecting the photo’s exposure and finding the right filter. Their page follows the same artsy theme and you know that they overthink their posts too much. But admit it, we end up being so envious of their annoyingly stunning posts, we couldn't help but ask “what app?”

The Wanderlust


“Spent the day shopping in Paris,” “Swimming with the whales in Cebu,” “Safari Adventure in Africa.” Don’t these people ever have real work to do? But lucky for them, they get to see the world; and lucky for us, we get to live vicariously through their posts.

The Foodie


So it’s two in the morning, and you can’t sleep. You decide to scroll through your Instagram feed like always, and then suddenly, you encounter the foodie who  just posted her ridiculously delicious-looking medium-rare steak from this new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. The next thing you know, you're rummaging through your fridge. What’s up with all those Instagram filters and why do they make food look extra appetizing?!

So, which of these do you follow the most?

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