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7 Stores Where You Can Order Personalized Jewelry

Make it yours and yours alone.
7 Stores Where You Can Order Personalized Jewelry
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Make it yours and yours alone.

Now you'll never forget your own name ever again! But kidding aside, personalized accessories are back in a big way—maybe it's got something to do with the fact that wearing your statement has become 100% en vogue? Fashion is making its causes heard, and so should you! Start with a pretty trinket or two to symbolize self-love, because why not?

1. Bella Marie

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What we love: Their punchy, in-your-face statement necklaces and charm bracelets. No to being a wallflower.

2. Sorelle Accessories

IMAGE Sorelle Accessories

What we love: Sorelle takes customization to a whole new level—ID pendants made with your own penmanship or signature, anyone? They even engrave in braille! Crazy cool.

3. Personalized Accessories

What we love: What you read is what you get, and we are so not complaining. It's all in the name: this shop's a treasure trove of nameplate necklaces, monogram pendants and rings, inscribed phone cases, and other accessories in metal and acrylic!

4. RAM Jewelry

What we love: Short for Rock and Metal, RAM offers a selection of bespoke signet rings for that real medieval feel, as well as adorable letter plates in (gasp) rose gold. Precious.

5. Elena Bautista


What we love: Look to this homegrown jewelry designer for initial cuffs, monogrammed belt buckles, and super-slim, decadently delicate engraved bracelets. 

6. Heart & Bolt

What we love: Masterfully-created pieces in handcrafted 14K gold or sterling silver! Shop the Initial Bangle, or the Mantra Cuff that can be inscribed with meaningful messages—or, really shake things up and go for a bracelet that spells your name in morse code!

7. Little White Pouch

What we love: These pieces are worth the investment, what with the care and detail each one is made with. Bespoke engagement ring? Wedding bands? Here's where to go.