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7 Reasons Why We Love Local Shoe Brands

7 Reasons Why We Love Local Shoe Brands Because what's not to love?

Look at your shoe closet and ask yourself this: how many pairs were from a local brand? If you don’t have at least one, then this article is for you. Ladies and gentlemen, if only you open your eyes to what our local shoe market has to offer, you’ll be surprised to know that they’re not that bad. Actually, scratch that, they’re great! We pinky promise. Here are the reasons why:

1. They’re accessible.

Loki Flat Sandals,P999,CLN

Why go through the hassle of purchasing online, paying the shipping fee, and waiting months for the delivery when our malls are filled with local brands that keep up with the international trends?

2. The array of styles are fit for all seasons.


Rain boots, P1799.95, Primadonna

Rainy season, summer season, and even wedding season (yes, there is such a thing)! The best part is that the new releases are done exactly when we need them.

3. They celebrate Philippine creativity and workmanship.

Lady Derby by Maco Custodio

You can’t deny Filipino talent and the quality of Marikina-made shoes!

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4. They’re sturdy.

watch now

Wallis Slip-on sneakers, P2399, Rusty Lopez

Using local materials, they’re built to be sturdy enough to stand the hustle and bustle of Manila.

5.They’re petite-friendly.

Jamie Ballet Flats, P699, Mendrez

Most Filipinas with size 5 feet can attest to the fact that it’s so hard to find shoes that actually fit. But, local brands always have a pair for women who were born with tiny feet.

6. They’re affordable.


Lea, P899 each, Parisian

True story: we got three pairs of this one particular style last night because a pair only costs P899! Just imagine what it would be like if these babies go on sale. WILD.

7. Because why not?

Wynona boots, Zendaya lace-ups, Felicity lace-ups, all from Tonic

They’re just as good as the international brands, if not better. Not to mention, any chance we get to support our local shoe industry, we’ll take! You guys should, too.

Next time you go shoe shopping, give our local brands a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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