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7 Not-So-Secret OOTD Spots We Love at the Mall

We love ‘em as much as we love shopping.
7 Not-So-Secret OOTD Spots We Love at the Mall

When you browse through the IG feeds of your favorite bloggers, you sometimes wonder how they make the most ordinary backgrounds look amazing and how you can recreate their OOTD photos, as well. The trick is to pick the right setting and make the most of the elements in it. Below, 7 not-so-secret OOTD spots at one of the most accessible locations—the mall:

1. The Fountain Area

Rarely will you find this spot without people staring off into the distance or even pairs whiling away the time. When you do find it empty though, grab the chance and have fun with all the playful and flirty photos you can take! Check out the fountains at MarQuee Mall or Serendra!

2. Colorful Walls

Here’s where you get that nice, eyecatching effect in your photos—sans the need for filters. Grab your bestie for some retail therapy, and have her take the perfect model-off-duty shot for you!

3. The Deck

Shame that only a few malls in the metro—like Trinoma and Fairview Terraces—make their outdoor facilities or decks picture-perfect! With the breathtaking cityscape as your backdrop, you’re sure to reap insta-hearts. Time it right for the perfect snaps at golden hour.

4. Outdoor Restaurants or Cafés

If the skyline you’re stuck with is quite messy, opt for a sultry OOTD snapshot at an outdoor resto or maybe a fashion toast at a quaint café, like the ones in ATC. The lighting will be ideal for your flat lays, as well! These establishments are perfect for unwinding, food trips, and your weekly dose of chitchat, too.

5. The Gardens

Cop the classic not-posing pose, and prove your OOTD game is strong! The bright surroundings and the fresh air—especially in Solenad and Greenbelt—can give you that laid-back vibe, too, which can translate to more casual-cool images!

6. The Amphitheater

Looking for the perfect way to show off your new street style finds? Take a photo at the amphitheater! The one in UP Town Center make more interesting snaps.

7. Runway-Like Walkways

Admit it, you can’t help but channel your inner top model when you come across these walkways—especially that fashion walk bisecting Greenbelt 5 or that covered walkway in Bonifacio High Street. Whether you’re going for a fierce hand-on-the-hip runway look or the am-I-crossing-my-legs-casually-enough-for-you pose, work it!

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